Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Add "Author" To My Resume'

So last year Sweetheart wanted an American Girl doll for her birthday. Over my dead body was I spending $90 for a doll for my about-to-turn 8 year old. Not MY 8 year old anyway. I knew the first day I saw the doll laying face down on the floor in her bedroom half buried under junk I would want to yell and scream at her.

I wanted a doll she could play with and me not worry about how "expensive" it was. So, I found the "Today's Girl" doll. For the same money as an American Girl doll, I could get the same size doll, 3 outfits, and a brass bed for the doll. She was delighted and we have since added many items to Sara's world.

Well, she knew it wasn't a real American Girl doll. Even though everywhere we go people compliment her on her American Girl doll or say things like "my daughter has an American Girl doll too." It doesn't help that my niece has a "real one." Also my sister is insanely creative and every time my niece's doll gets something new, Sweetheart looks at me expectantly. Keeping up with the cousins can be hard work! :) Thanks to my dumb creative sister.

Then the Kit Kittredge movie came out. We went straight to the library to check out the Kit books. We are on book number 3 and loving it. We went to see the movie yesterday and loved it. American Girls are pretty cool. I believe I would have liked them when I was little.

The girls have been earning money for chores this summer and I put my foot down and told them they were saving their money for something good. Every time they get $2 in their hand they want to scurry off to the dollar store for some junk. They know it's junk, but they want a toy rightthatveryminute. No more. They need to learn to save up money for something they want. So, today was the big day. Little Bit bought herself a Dora Lego set and Sweetheart ordered a mini Kit doll. I was very proud of them. The mini dolls are a great compromise. She can collect them, have "real" American Girl dolls, and still have space in her room to sleep. (How many 18" dolls can you own? I say one is enough.)

So what's the problem? Sound like we maneuvered ourselves around all the marketing without giving in all the way, huh? (Or not). The problem is, Sara doesn't come with a book.

So guess what I'm writing now?


  1. I think that sounds like fun!

  2. Oh boy. What time period is Sarah from? Pick right now. That will be easy. I look forward to you posting the stories when done.

    You're going to post them. Right?

  3. She's modern because she shares some uncanny similarites with Sweetheart. She even has a four year old Sassy sister who has Little Bit's doll's name.

    And um, I kind of got carried away. It's 7 chapters long. But they are short chapters!

    Today we are posing Sara to take pictures for the book. I mean, why do things in a small way? Right?

  4. Brenda,

    What a GREAT Mom you are! How fun! :)

  5. The things we do for our kids. Brooke has a doll from Vision Forum, which uses historical costumes and we can read about Dolly Madison, Maria Von Trapp, etc. Gotta love that. Of course, the doll was pricey.


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