Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Ready for that First Day

The first day of school is a big deal for us every year. Sweetheart is SO excited to start the new year and loves picking out her new backpack and school supplies. She practically breaks out in a cold sweat on the school supply aisle during this time of year.

She's been lamenting the things she's missing out on not "going" to school anymore and I want her to know that homeschooling is special. I know she enjoys homeschooling (and it's not really open for discussion anyway), but it's important to her that the first day be really special. She still remembers that first day last year!

I've read some good ideas of things families do to make the first day of school special for their kiddos. (take pictures, special meal, cool activity) Now I need some ideas from you!

What do you do in your family for the first day of school?


  1. We started in June this year and last. But differently this year I hosted a back to school party with some other homeschooling friends who also started in June. I served a regular cook out meal plus special treats for the boys like blow pops, cookies and ice cream. I gave them water guns and sparklers as party favors.

    Of course we also try to do something special at the end of the year but throwing a back to school party isn't something that regular in-school children usually do.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing the responses on this idea!
    I never thought of doing something special for the first day of school.
    Problem is, I'm afraid my teens need it more than my littles, but I have NO IDEA what to do special for THEM!

  3. I have no suggestions as of yet...we are starting our home schooling for the first time in a few weeks. We will be traveling overseas on missions so I am excited to hear how others celebrate. I would also welcome any tips for a first timer and also one that has to travel across the ocean with school supplies.

  4. I think for some people who have always homeschooled it might not "matter" at much to their kids b/c they just have always done it and didn't make a big deal about "starting." You know, some homeschooled kids don't even know what grade they are in--b/c they just kind of keep going until they are done.
    But for those of us who start on a certain date--it can be fun to make a big deal. I really want Sweetheart to feel excited about being in 3rd grade.
    Last year I kept all the school supplies hidden until the first day and they walked into the classroom to find their stack of stuff with some cool erasers or something on top. They were really excited.

  5. awhile ago on the WTM forum there was awhole lot of listing on this subjects. People had some great idea. One i remember was a cone? It was filled with school supplies and is done a lot of other countries. i remember thinking that sounded neat. I like the idea of "first" day of school pictures, or finding your "scriptur" for the year and decorating it very beautiful than putting into a frame. We school all year round so my kiddoes dont really know the difference adn like you said have always homeschooled. I am much more moved by school supplies than they are!

  6. I got nuthin'. Can't wait to hear from others!

  7. We take a photo (close up generally with their new school books, and a full length one) This gives us a nice record. Plus we always measure them and add the new height to the chart - see how much they have grown since begining of last year.

    I also have all the school book packed away and they get a pile on their desk of the new read alouds for this year plus a new folder for this years work. We don't do much work on the first day of school more of a fun day exploring what we are going to do. I will add in some new school supplies - new pencils or something that is needed to replenish what they have and make it new for the new school year.

  8. Germans fill cones with lots of goodies. I want to try that this year.

  9. I've heard of this--what's with these cones? I'm having trouble picturing this.

  10. We take pictures of how we all look at the beginning. I also get all new school supplies for the girls and new pencil boxes for them-well this will be K's first year to get her own box. Plus I write down their goals that they tell me they want to make that year. Sometimes it has nothing to do with school but we write it down. They like this part.

  11. We are now in the midst of planning a party with the cousins.
    I'm intruiged by the cones, too. I take it we are not talking "ice cream" cones?

  12. We didn't do anything special on our first day of school Monday. The boys were just excited to receive new books and new scissors, crayons, etc. :)

    (I got it easy here!!)

    One idea that I will "steal" from a friend of mine is to wait until the day the public school kids go back (August 14th here) and take a break that day to go to the waterpark and ride the water slides. Hee hee We can talk all day about how GREAT it is that we can homeschool and how much fun PE fieldtrips are. LOL :)


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