Thursday, April 3, 2008

They Didn't Mention This in the Curriculum

As the academics are winding down (as they tend to do in the Springtime!), I find myself thinking about how we will spend our extra time this summer. It's not hard to do. We have a LOT to learn around here---and none of it has to do with "school."

My girls' morning chores consist of personal care and their rooms. It can take Sweetheart upwards of an hour to get her room in order some mornings. Sometimes I get very discouraged because I have worked with her on this skill so much. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed sitting in the middle of my mess as a child not knowing where to start or what to do. So I have done everything I can think of to help my daughter.

I bought her a book and taught her to do the method, I check in every few minutes and make a suggestion of what to tackle next (she likes me to do that), we have cleaned it together countless times, and we even took pictures the other day. I said she should make it into a book so next time she is cleaning and thinks she is "done" she can check the book and see what clean really looks like.

But still we struggle. Still her room resembles something the news ought to be covering.

So I realized something. It isn't the method I use to teach her how to clean. It isn't the inspirational speeches I give. It isn't a book or a reward or a system.

It's the plain old everyday-ness that is going to do the trick.

We will continue to work on this every day. She will improve. She will learn. One day, I will walk down the hall and without any effort on my part...the room will be wonderful. It has to be because it is my job to train her. I am the older woman to her younger self spoken of in Titus 2. So we will keep meeting each morning to clean her room.

And with just as little fan fare...God's word can be instilled in my children. It isn't a curriculum. It isn't a certain church. It isn't found in which Bible we read with them. But our children will grow in knowledge and love for the Lord in part, simply because of the everyday-ness of our efforts.

There's something to be said for the plain old every day things.


  1. very nice post.

    Now, will you please come and make me clean up my room.

  2. Sheesh, Brenda! You mean I have to do this every day??? My twins are 12 and they're room is a mess most days (Okay almost EVERY day!) I was really hoping you were gonna give us a magic bullet or something! ;-)

  3. Terry, if I had found it already..I promise I would have shared!!!

  4. LOL! Thanks for letting me know that the coyote finally caught thr RR!

  5. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes I wish I could throw in a hand grenade and shut the door.


    Hey, that's not a bad logo. Kinda has a ring to it...

  6. I hate the bedroom cleaning routine. I have three kids who are great at this and two who don't really seem to get it. Let me know if you find the "magic" remedy to teach them well.


  7. Such wisdom! You really spoke to me when you said "it isn't a certain church", since we struggle to know that we are where God wants us. God's Word, lived out at home, is where they will "get it".

    Thanks for the encouragement that it is one day at a time.


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