Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The First Ever "Keepin' It Real" Extravaganza!

It's that time. Lift up the edges of those rugs Ladies and show us what you've swept under there. We all know the best of our thoughts and moments make it to our blogs, but what about the other stuff? That stuff we'd rather not share?

As Jess once said, we don't mean to project the image of Mary Poppins (Practically Perfect in Every Way) to the blogosphere....it just sort of happens. So if you do consider yourself to be a flawless wife, mother, homemaker, homeschool mom, cook, etc....well, you're still welcome here. May we all be encouraged by what we read today as we discover that everybody's got something.

OK, I'll start. My name is Brenda and this is my blog. You can start here and then move on down to the Mr. Linky to read more of the fun stuff. Enjoy and join in if you like!

Keepin' It Real: Why There Is No Reading List On My Blog

Sometimes I feel so illiterate. All these blogs have "What's on My Nightstand" or "My 2008 Reading List" in the sidebar. Some bloggers even use the little strikeout feature to show all the books they've already read. It's a pretty common thing. Helpful too, if you like book recommendations.

Except here's the problem. This is my nightstand:

That's a Bible laying there although that really isn't the one I read. Also I don't read in bed much because my husband spends the entire time blowing at my light as if it were a candle. His way of hinting that he likes to go to sleep with the lights off. I keep explaining that when you close your eyes...well. Anyway. And that's a picture of my sweet husband when he was 1. Check out those threads! He has a baby picture of me on his nightstand. They're from our wedding. And those are MY golf clubs on the right. I'm so athletic. And I'm not entirely sure what that piece of tree is doing there. But that doesn't have anything to do with this post.

So, no reading in bed limits things a bit. But by golly, I read!!! I read lots of things. I will not be out-done! Here is what I've read in the last few days:

I started by reading some library books. See? There's even a CHAPTER BOOK in the lot!

But I needed something more realistic. So I moved on to this:
(Ug. Please help me. I'm only doing it so I can go camping with my daughter rather than send her off with strangers.)

But that was too dry. So then Goldilocks tried this:

And it was JUST RIGHT!!! (I highly recommend the Pink Pie.)

Still, I minored in English in college for goodness sake! Surely I can handle more reading material than this! Then I opened my mailbox and saw this:

So that is why you will not see me posting my exciting reading list in my sidebar, or launching a new blog to review the books I have read.

I used to read. Honest, I did. I read real live grown-up books. Long ones. I promise. But what can you expect when your "reading room" offers toilet paper and a hand towel?

OK, now it's your turn! Help us "Keep It Real!"


  1. It's sad that I'm the first to comment and link. Because you know my butt was sitting here waiting for you to post.

    I love your KIR. I used to read too.

    No, really....that's an out-right lie. I hate reading. But, I will deny that when my children ask.

    Great job, Brenda. I can't wait to read everyone else's too!!!

  2. Or, your nightstand can look like mine, with books upon books stacked high, even under the lamp. It looks impressive, but nothing on there actually ever gets read.

    My KIR is up. :) I have been so excited for this "event", I had to post right away. And my children are unattended brushing their teeth. Not so good.

    Brenda, you are super-duper! :)

  3. Yes, there are certain personal pleasures like reading, finishing a sentence uninterrupted, spending time in the bathroom in peace, and other such luxuries that we give up when we have children!

    Well, I don't think anyone who has read my blog would have the illusion of perfection, but just in case, I have posted about what my house is like when mommy gets sick.

  4. What happened to my comment? Lost somehwere in cyberspace? Anyway, I like your post Brenda. What's worse, never having time to read, or starting a million books and not getting them finished? I do finish them occasionally, though.

  5. Myself? I've been reading RC Sproul's The Holiness of God for about 2 years. 2 years!

    Because, I too, mostly read children's literature (aloud). And call me lazy, but I like it very much.

  6. Brenda, I re-enterd my name and URL because I just realized that my original entry links to my front page, not to my KIR post! I'm am so NOT computer savvy. I don't know how. on. earth. I've manged to maintain a blog for the past 9 months. Sorry!

  7. Thanks for this Brenda! I had a great, humiliating, time. :)

  8. Have sent you my name and URL. I have attempted to keep it real. After reading some other bloggers' entries, I think I got the wrong end of the stick. I will get better. Like Terry I don't know how to link it to KIR???

  9. I am hopeless at this stuff - Now that is keeping it pretty real. Sorry.

  10. Ooops!!! I too posted my link to my blog's main page! Duh! Therefore, I am reposting my link as well.

    Oh, and a word of encouragement...as they get older, you will be able read more grown up books. I always read out loud to my kids. Most often books that were not above their attention, just above their reading levels. I have such fond memories of re-reading all my childhood favorites: The Little House on the Prairie series, The Borrowers, The Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh; and then we moved up the Chronicles of Narnia and all the Redwall Books. Oh, I could go on and on.

    Now, most of mine are teenagers and I miss that snuggle and read time.

  11. doh!...i entered mine the wrong way also...sooryy..will add again.

  12. This was so FUN! Thanks for the jump start.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)