Monday, July 30, 2007

Making a Home

We visited a home last night that was so lovely the entire youth group was in awe. No worries about their behavior...after months of devotionals in the youth suite at church (Read: less asthetically pleasing) they were grateful for the beautiful new setting.

Our girls were really pleased too. Especially with the bathrooms. Little Bit: "Mommy! There are magazines in here!" :) Now, my house will probably never look like this one did. First of all, because, although it was beautiful, it's not my style. Secondly, because 90% of what I saw was breakable. I am pleased to say that nothing was broken during our visit.

The lady who lives in that home has obviously spent hours and hours thinking about her house and working on it. It's a wonderful place to invite guests to.

And then there's our home.

Sweetheart asked when we were going to have the youth group over to our house again. Daddy mentioned that we needed wallpaper in the front hallway first. (OK READERS I KNOW I SAID I WOULD DO THAT A FEW MONTHS AGO, BUT I DIDN'T, OK? :) So, that needs to be a priority. Also, I tore the front room up making a homeschool classroom out of it only to find out that the shelves I need from IKEA are out of stock. So that room is jumbled mess with all manner of books and papers and notebooks stacked on the floor. Then, we unbunked Sweetheart's bunkbeds this weekend and gave one of them to Little Bit (a big girl bed!). So now their rooms are a mess also because we quickly pushed things aside to make way for the moving of the beds. I won't even talk to you about the living room.

I so often spend my time thinking about MY home as being for MY family. I forget we need to be ready to use our homes for service to the Lord. So now I will work today with a new goal in mind. We have a couple at our church who we have been meaning to have over for Bible study. They are good enough friends that they would understand if our house were a mess. But really, wouldn't it be nice for them to go home feeling grateful for the lovely home they got to visit and study the Bible in? I know the way we treat people when they come over is more important than how the home looks, but...

To those who think homemaking is not all that important, I would disagree. Have you been in a home lately that was really and truly "made?" (Not just "cleaned up" for company.) I want that kind of home. I think my generation is so casual about everything else in our lives, and that casual feeling has played out in the way we keep our homes, too. I'm not sure a lot of women my age know how to make a home. It's more than just keeping things clean. It's tons of little touches throughout the house that make things so lovely. I've seen a glimpse of it, now how to accomplish it?

I need some ideas...


  1. I've seen homes that have truly inspired me in the way that you are talking about. They make you want to rush home and quickly start redecorating!

    I have always loved perusing beautiful antique stores they make me feel so at home. I am working to bring that effect into our home. I use alot of flowers, doilies and stringed lights to decorate. Candles and bible verses are a must with soft music in the background.I like things Victorian so I gravitate towards that. Chandeliers, rich draperies, thick tapestry and pictures of women and children (like you would see in my blog). I like a peaceful atmosphere so I don't like things to be overcrowded, simplicity can be very beautiful. Last week our pastor and his wife visited and they both commented on how peaceful everything was---that it what I strive for--a refuge.

    Many blessings...

  2. I know just what you mean. Some people pass this off as trivial and unimportant, but when you look at the Proverbs 31 woman, she was obviously interested in choosing fabrics and colors for the clothes and people in her home. There's no reason to think that she wouldn't have paid attention to those elements in her home.

    Additionally, Lydia was apparently known for making purple fabric. If we do these things as for the Lord a la Colossians 3:22-23, I think this can be an honorable way to minister to our family and guests in our home.

    Not that these things need to be focused on to the detriment of relationships or the family budget, but what a blessing to have your children feel an "aahhhh" when they come home after a week away at grandma and grandpas! What a blessing to have a guest tell you that they always feel at home in your home! What a special thing it will be to be able to use your home as a place of ministry rather than a place of embarrassment (I'm with you- our generation lacks homemaking skills, and I know I've suffered from that... not wanting people to see my mess).

    I'm glad you wrote about this. It's something I've been thinking about lately, as we are starting out in our new apmt overseas!

    Jess @ Making Home


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