Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Want to Worship (but I'm weary)

This morning as I rolled over in bed and began going over the up coming day in my mind, a thought occured to me. It was Sunday morning, and we were going to be going to church. (That wasn't the thought.) My mind immediately went to the worship service. Sigh. I wish I were more excited about that part of the morning. The truth is, I am a little tired of the worship service.

Earlier this summer I posted about a little church we went to with my grandmother when I was growing up. It was just all so simple. I love our church. But after 36 years there, we have seen lots of changes. Things ain't the way they used to be! I just long to sit there by my family and hold a hymnal and sing. I want to see one faithful man leading singing up front. I want to hear an expository sermon preached straight out of the Bible. I want to hear prayers from men who have prepared their thoughts ahead of time.

But is that really it? Does the improvement of "my" worship experience depend on hymnals and song leaders and sermons? Are those things the answer?

But (sigh) I am tired of slides. And videos. And praise teams. And loud instruments. And VERY CONTEMPORARY UPBEAT songs. And very modern saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling songs. I am tired of sitting and standing. I am tired of worship being such an "experience." I feel wrung out when I leave.

I truly want to worship. I want to let God know how wonderful He is. I want to pray. I want to sing. I want to listen to God's word spoken and read. But I've been having trouble lately.

Here was my thought. (It's just a thought) If Jesus were to visit our "worship centers" during that hour, would He clear the room like He did the temple? What things would He throw out? What would stay?

Because I really just want to worship Him.


  1. I don't know for sure what He would throw out, but I think He would have a keen eye and start with all evidences of showmanship. Things we don't even think of anymore. Things to which we've become accustomed. Anything that points to any of us, our glory, even our comfort. Because His house is to be a house of prayer.

    Maybe He would gut the place right down to the pews and we'd be sitting on the floor. I'd sit on the floor if my Savior asked me to.

    Probably, He would start with the sound and recording equipment. Does that sound harsh?

  2. I would probably be harsher with my guesses!
    And I so agree...anything that points to any of us...


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