Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It May Get Worse Before It Gets Better

After my discouraging day a few days ago, I decided to just relax a little. I appreciated all the thoughtful comments, by the way. So I am not Super-Wife, Super-Mom, or Super-Housekeeper. But I want my family to be happy! So I have been enjoying my girls these past few days. The house is a wreck. I didn't even cook the last 2 nights. I can't go on like this every day, but we sure have enjoyed our days a lot more.

I also have been working on the house a bit. I love decorating and looking for things for our home. It's totally frivolous and for a few years I have not done it. I always bargain shop, though, when I decorate. Yesterday, a local craft store had so much stuff for 50% off that I just couldn't pass them up! Now I have several little projects like recovering a lamp shade for Little Bit's room, painting some letters for her wall, and sewing a duvet cover for Sweetheart. I figure the summertime is the time to pour my energies into these type of things. And our home will be much more beautiful because of it. My sister and I are painting Sweetheart's room tomorrow, too.

I was trying so hard to be someone my daughters could emulate. Now I see they would much rather see a Mommy humming while she works on something around the house and stopping to smile at them every now and then than a Mommy who is barking orders and frowning because of all the things she has to do. So, lesson learned.

Tonight everyone went to bed happy and loved. There are stacks of books lining the hallway (in preparation for tomorrow's painting), craft projects on the kitchen table, quilts all over the couch, and wet swimsuits hanging up to dry in the bathroom. Evidence of a good day.

So, to my husband: I promise I will get the house back in order. I'm working on it. But since I'm working on me at the same time, it may take a little longer. Just warning you.

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