Thursday, July 19, 2007

100 Posts Already? (Boy, Do I Talk A Lot!)

Can this be possible? I knew I had a lot to say, but man! My husband is the one who encouraged me to begin this blog after he started his. He thought I would enjoy writing and I guess he was correct!

So, in honor of my 100th post--here are 100 things about me. (Try not to fall asleep on your keyboard!)

1. I live in the town I was born in.
2. Specifically, I live on the street I was born on.
3. Well, actually I was born in a hospital. Not the street.
4. I am the 3rd child in my family--all girls.
5. I shared a room with one of my sisters until she moved away to college.
6. We grew up talking to each other after the lights were out.
7. After she moved to college, I caught myself starting to talk to her at night and then I would remember she wasn't there.
8. After I got married I discovered my husband did NOT grow up talking after the lights were out and that he wanted to go to sleep.
9. I also grew up reading in bed at night.
10. Another difference between my husband and I.
11. Now I read in the living room.
12. Even without my example, my older daughter likes to read herself to sleep.
13. I guess some things are genetic.
14. I have never broken a bone.
15. I pop my knuckles.
16. I don't pick up dead bugs.
17. I will sweep them up, however, if my husband is not available.
18. I had braces for 4 years and got them off in time for my senior pictures.
19. Neither one of my sisters were so lucky.
20. I have known my husband my whole life.
21. I remember being taller than him.
22. I am not taller than him now.
23. My hair was white-blonde when I was little.
24. Now my hair is very brown.
25. I hate to quote VeggieTales, but I love my lips.
26. They are one of my best features.
27. People who knew me when I was little are blown away when they meet my 2nd daughter.
28. She looks so much like I did--even I can tell.
29. In fact she thought a baby picture of me was her. So even she thinks we looke alike.
30. I had one of the best mother-in-laws in the whole world.
31. She died of breast cancer when I was pregnant with our first daughter.
32. I still miss her.
33. We used to shop craft shows together.
34. Some things we bought I didn't want to get rid of.
35. Then I realized they were old, out of style, and my mother-in-law would have gotten rid of them EONS ago.
36. I hate hosting garage sales.
37. I just give my stuff away. It's so much easier.
38. My birthday is in the beginning of January.
39. I never had a birthday party (with kids) growing up.
40. It's a really rotten time to have a birthday party.
41. There was an ice storm the week I was born. (on the gulf coast!!!)
42. All the power was out at our house when they brought me home from the hospital.
43. They took me straight into the kitchen and opened the oven to keep me warm.
44. My dad says I've always liked the kitchen since then.
45. That means I like to eat. Not cook.
46. I also, apparently, liked bathrooms because my parents swear I always wanted to go potty just to see what color the bathroom was where we were.
47. My current bathroom, by the way, is sage green.
48. Green is my absolute favorite color in the world.
49. I could have a green house in every room and be happy.
50. When I was little, purple was my favorite color.
51. I think this was because purple=grape candy.
52. When I was 4, my aunt and uncle adopted a little girl from Korea.
53. I was very jealous of the attention she got.
54. I couldn't give her hand-me-downs because purple clothes did not look so good on her.
55. I wanted to play with her, but I was closer in age to my boy cousin so I got stuck with him.
56. We had a beagle growing up named Tippi.
57. When we were first married, we had a black mutt named Hayley.
58. We don't have a dog now and our 7 year old desperately wants one, but she has asthma.
59. My husband and I do not want a dog right now.
60. We are living in our 3rd house.
61. I love decorating and fixing up homes, but I don't really know what I'm doing.
62. So, I like to watch HGTV.
63. I do not like to watch golf.
64. When I was growing up my dad always was watching golf, and now my husband does.
65. The sound of a golf tournament on TV makes me think of Sunday afternoons.
66. I was a teacher for 11 years.
67. I got the "Rookie of the Year" award my first year.
68. I think I was a really good teacher at first.
69. After I became a mom, I couldn't be as good of a teacher because I didn't want to stay at school late all the time doing "super teacher" type things.
70. I was so happy to quit teaching. It wasn't fun anymore.
71. I decided to be a teacher my junior year of high school.
72. I don't change my mind all that often.
73. I finished college in exactly 4 years.
74. I had to take a lot of summer school and full course loads each semester to do it.
75. I couldn't get married until I was through, so that was pretty good motivation.
76. My husband asked for my hand in marriage while my dad was laying in a hospital bed recovering from a triple bypass.
77. We were engaged for more than 2 years. We had to postpone our wedding once.
78. My college roommate and I went ring shopping as a hobby during college.
79. We tried on a LOT of rings.
80. We were in each other's weddings.
81. I was in another friend's wedding and I wore borrowed shoes.
82. They were 1/2 size too small, but it's only for a few hours, right?
83. I couldn't feel my feet by the end of the wedding.
84. My college roommate and I had babies 1 day apart. We called each other from our hospital beds.
85. I would like to have another baby, but I think I'm the only one in this house who does.
86. I would much rather clean than pick up clutter.
87. I have never ridden in an ambulance.
88. Besides having babies, I have never been in the hospital.
89. I have been out of the country--to Mexico. We ate at a restaurant. Then we went back over the border.
90. I have been to California, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana. I think that's all.
91. I have been stung by jelly fish a few times.
92. It REALLY hurts. My husband knew what to do, though.
93. He takes really good care of us. I always feel safer when he's around.
94. During Tropical Storm Allison, our home flooded.
95. My husband stayed up all night watching the weather.
96. We started picking stuff up about 30 minutes before the water came in.
97. Our boat was in the driveway and we were ready to evacuate along with our pregnant neighbor and her husband.
98. We didn't have to, but I know my husband would have gotten us all to safety.
99. We got caught in a storm in our boat once. We had to jump out onto a bulkhead.
100. I will have to tell you that story sometime.

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  1. That was fun reading. Nice to know more about you!!


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