Friday, April 27, 2007

Making Plans

It's the weekend. Do you know what you are doing this weekend? My husband and I have a daily conversation that goes like this:
ME: "What do you have to do tonight?"
HIM: "I have to __________. What about you?"
ME: "I don't have anything to do. I guess I could ________."
HIM: "OK. See you at home."
We make our plans around each other and since my husband works 2 jobs (his real one and part-time youth minister) we do most of the youth ministry stuff in the evenings. Since I no longer have a job I bring home with me (like when I was a teacher) I have my evenings free to do whatever needs to be done. After the girls go to bed I usually help my husband. I am his editor--the human spell checker--and sometimes his typist. Or, sometimes I am the official, "Find that verse that talks about..." person. Sometimes I am in charge of the concordance. It just depends.
In our former family life, I used to get really annoyed when my husband would ask for help. Isn't that horrible??? But come on, I have things to do too and aren't you an adult and no one ever helps me when I have things to do, etc.
Tomorrow my husband plans to work in the flowerbed. I will help him if he wants me too. I suspect he may want me to work inside the house so he can come in to a clean house and have, you know, clean clothes next week. The point is I am waiting to make my plans until I see what he needs.
Can you see what a blessing this is for our husbands? When we, as wives, are ready to help them when they need it, it really makes a difference. I'm not saying I'm perfect at this--not hardly!! But like I've said before, to me it was a RELIEF to understand that I was my husband's helper. No matter where we find ourselves in life, my role does not change. The business I am to be about is the same.
It makes for a nice weekend. Instead of us splitting up to do our very numerous tasks apart from each other all day, I have said "no" to most things that take me away from my family. 'Cause in order to help you kind of have to BE THERE. And can I tell you how appreciative your husband will be when you make this change? And then that makes you want to help him even more. How about that? God's plan really works!

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