Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hitting the Road

Well, tomorrow we leave for our first-ever 2 night stay camping trip. We've camped before, but only one night at a time since we've had kids. We are going with another family from church and I am excited. Sometimes camping can be a bit boring, but with other kids to play with, and adults to visit with, we should have a lot of fun.

It will be interesting to see how our "new" family plays out on the road. Just as I'm getting into being a houskeeper, we are going to change locations. When we camp, my husband is in charge completely. He has way more camping experience than me and I just feel like I'm in the way sometimes. He even does the cooking when we camp. It's a strange shift from our normal life! Well, there's no denying I will most certainly be his helper this weekend, as that's really all I know how to do.

The girls are so excited we may have to strap them down! Keeping them calm so my husband can be calm will take up a lot of my time. Two little giggly, jumpy girls do not make a relaxing trip!

But I am very excited for the time we can spend as a family. My husband is going to work with our older daughter on riding her bike without training wheels. And everything you do when you're camping, you do together. No one can go off into another room. No computers (gasp!), no TV, just lots of togetherness. And hopefully lots of time to talk with my husband. We are too busy all the time and I am looking forward to having my family all to myself for the weekend.

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