Friday, August 24, 2012

Why I Might Be Tired

We've had a lot of secrets around here lately. Finally, last Friday morning we were able to start revealing them.

Thursday I secretly packed a bag for Sweetheart. Friday morning my sister showed up to take her on a surprise trip for her 13th birthday.

No, they did not take the baby with them. They drove to a quaint little Texas town and shopped, went to a play, and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. They got home late Saturday afternoon.

The minute they left, Little Bit and I started dragging Sweetheart's heavy metal desk to the backyard. Listen y'all...Little Bit was a trooper. My uncle is very ill so my parents had to go out of town unexpectedly and all I had was Little Bit to help me. She helped drag that desk, she kept the baby while I was outside spray painting, she did everything. SUCH a big helper! I was only outside for 10 minutes at a time but I came in one time and Little Bit was changing Bee's diaper. That girl is awesome.

Anyway, I ran out of spray paint so we loaded up and went to get more. Only...I couldn't find anymore of the pink color I needed for the chair.

Chair fail. The beautiful pink color did not cover all the crazy paint from the art chair.

Friday night the four of us went out to eat when S got home from work. Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed out in search of that paint color. But we did not find it.

Time for plan B. We bought an office chair from Wal-Mart (the kind in their dorm stuff) and S put it together. Much better. Then we hurried and finished the rest of the make-over.

All matching hot pink desk accessories, new chair, painted desk, wall stickers, bulletin board, and...

...all new stuff inside too! Three hole punch, stapler, push pins, school supplies, etc.

So Saturday afternoon Sweetheart got home and we revealed her new desk. She loved it! And then we rushed right out the door to an ice cream social with our church.

Sunday morning was, of course, church. I had baked cupcakes on Saturday, but we also had a potluck on Sunday after church. Mama had no time to be cooking so S went to the store and bought some pies. Good enough. We left after the potluck and came home to get the house ready for a birthday reception for Sweetheart. The only way to accommodate everyone was to have a come-and-go event. It worked beautifully. They came, they ate cupcakes, they visited, and they left. I think everyone had a good time and they didn't feel they had to stay for 2 hours. Her cousins came over a few hours early and they all got to swim (thus, the wet hair!). After the party we took her out to eat.

AND...then I came home and started putting together a "Back to School" banner and setting everything up for school the next day.

Yes. I did. Someone please remind me next year to NOT plan her birthday and back to school in the same weekend, k?

And so now we're wrapping up the first week of school, which I'll tell you about later. But suffice it to say, we need a little down time around here! (More on that later too!)


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