Friday, August 10, 2012

The Friday Pile 'o Random

  • Got a little experiment going on over here at the House Revised. Waiting to see how long until it occurs to the 12-year-old-turning-13-in-less-than-two-weeks that she needs to do laundry. Her basket is piled very high right now. She doesn't have that many clothes, by virtue of not benefiting from any hand me downs, so it can't be much longer until she runs out of clean ones. But I'm waiting her out. No reminders. No suggestions. Let's just see if this brainstorm can happen on it's own, shall we?

Because you can teach a man to do laundry, but if he doesn't know WHEN to do it...he'll still be naked.

What? You haven't heard that old proverb?

  • The big girls and I looked back at old homeschool pictures yesterday. Oh my word they were such BABIES! And it made me SO SO SO thankful to be homeschooling them today. Time goes so fast and homeschooling allows me to enjoy my children each and every day. I must take lots of pictures this year because looking back at those makes you realize that you really did have a good and fun year. Anything will beat last year. If anyone had been taking pictures you may have seen:
1. mama sleeping on the couch, the read-aloud book dropping from her hand to the floor
2. the girls tip-toeing away to play

Just kidding. I did nap a lot, but we also got school done. But it wasn't above-and-beyond the basics in any way. Dry. Boring. There, we did it. That was our school year. Looking forward to a new start!

Two years ago: Little Bit on the first day of 1st grade!

Three years ago: Sweetheart at her 10 year old birthday party!
  • I didn't think we'd ever hit this point this summer but we did. We are ready. It happens every summer. Towards the end, the girls start wandering around, bored. They can't find anything to do. Swimming doesn't even entice them much now. With our doing-school-all-summer-because-the-new-baby-was-born summer, I didn't think they'd really be ready for school. But, it looks like we are. This week they are bored. And I am getting ready too. That's good news!
Make your plans Mom. I am in charge!
  • This next week--the last week before we start school--is going to be insane. VBS for Little Bit, S going out of town overnight, getting everything ready for back to school, Sweetheart's birthday surprise, her desk re-do, and her party. WHEW! I'm a little stressed out is what I'm saying. But so thankful to be here with my family. The Lord has truly blessed me. 
Have a great weekend! See you Monday for the Not Back to School Bloghop where I'll be showing off my homeschool space. 

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