Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our First Week and How I Don't Really Know What I'm Doing Yet

This is our 6th year of homeschooling. I thought I had this "making a workable schedule" thing down pat.

Actually, I do. If you're talking about scheduling work for the older 2 girls. I think I have a handle on them. Especially since this is our second year using Sonlight. I knew kind of what to expect. What I had planned SO would have worked.


Hello. My name is Baby Bee and I'm in charge here.

So after 2 days of struggling through the morning trying to manage 2 grades and teach math with a baby on my lap who was fussing, I finally got smart. WHY NOT WORK WHEN THE BABY NAPS, I thought to myself.

Myself is getting smarter every year.  I mean, after struggling through the morning, the child took a 2-3 hour long nap where we could have been doing lessons in peace!

So on day 3, that's just what we did. I started the day all leisurely. I had the girls do what they could on their own in the morning. And after lunch I awaited the glorious nap so we could get down to business.

You know where this is going, right?

The opposite of this is what happened. THIS did NOT happen. 

But we're slowly getting used to it. She did nap the next 2 days and we somehow got (almost) everything done last week. It was a good start anyway.

Friday morning I even threw in some home economics and life skills training before the school day started called


Not all 7th graders get to start their school day running the bath water for their baby sister.

But see? Those kind of events are not on the schedule. And feeding? Who knows? I just feed on demand and couldn't tell you if you paid me how often or when I feed her. When she's hungry or fussing--that's when. So here's how I scheduled read-aloud times with each girl:


So, basically our schedule revolves around Bee. For now. She's little and it will change. Somehow we're getting school done and I'm trying to make it as regular as I can. Little Bit likes regular. Little Bit also likes it when the baby disrupts the lesson and she gets to go play. Ahem.
I've only got one picture of Little Bit working last week and I promised her I wouldn't post it. I called it "Little Bit  v. Math---Math WINS!" She was not having a good day. :) This one is happier. 

And I was going to be so organized and gather up their week's work and paper clip it together and archive it on Friday. Come to find out, Sweetheart had nothing on paper at all to archive. She is doing so much on the computer this year and what she is writing is something that will accumulate over time so--nothing to put away just now.

Miss High-Tech working at her new desk. 
So tomorrow we will start again. This week our very good friends are moving and we will be helping with that where we can so our school days will be a bit off schedule.

Ha ha ha ha!!! That was funny.

You can't get off schedule when you don't have one, you know.

Your Flexible Friend,



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