Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When You Grow Up With Technology....

So I told you how we read the book Listen Buddy on the first day of school, right?

And then I had Sweetheart write a letter to Buddy telling him how to listen. She said, "I hope he writes me back!"

That spurred an unplanned string of events in which I wrote a letter to her in Buddy's handwriting. (He said, "Please excuse my handwriting, it's hard to hold the pen in my little paw.") She was very excited but Little Bit just about went crazy. A REAL letter from BUDDY??? How COOL!!!! (Sweetheart winked at me.)

So Little Bit wanted to write a letter to Buddy. She asked me, "Mom how do you spell....'Dear Buddy, How are you? I have rabbits too.'?" I told her I was reading a lesson with Sissy and I didn't have time to spell all that for her right now but she could copy Buddy's name off the book if she wanted.

So here was her letter:

She put it in the book which is where Buddy leaves the letters. Before bed, THANKFULLY the child said she couldn't wait to see if Buddy wrote her back. Thankfully, because I'm not sure I would have remembered otherwise. Kinda like that pesky Tooth Fairy at the Joyful Chaos house.

And good thing too because she was up right when I was and walked straight to the school room to see if a letter was there. She was very excited!!!! See? The best lesson plans in the world can't predict this kind of stuff.

But the best was when she was sitting in the floor by me trying to write her letter to Buddy. She was flipping through the book looking at the pictures and she said,

"Mom? I want to go to Buddy's house."

Um, yes. The illustrated one. I told her I wasn't sure where his house was.

"Then use your GPS!" was the reply.

These youngsters and their technology!


  1. I thought you were going to say that she wanted an email. Thing have just changed so much since we were kids. I remember going off to college, if I drove anywhere over 2 hours I had to stop at a service station and call to tell her where I was. Never mind that the service station was probably the most dangerous part of the trip.

    Now it just seems odd when someone doesn't have a cell phone.

    I also wanted to let you know that I gave you a "one lovely blog" award. I really enjoy reading your blog so very much.

  2. LOL! LOVED every minute of this post! :) How cute is she?


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