Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Heart My New Schedule

How annoying is that title? I wish I could give credit to the blogger who says this but I can't remember who it is....but I pink puffy heart it! That cracks me up.

ANYWAY.....I love our Thursday and Friday schedules this year and I just have to tell you about them. OK, OK, so it's only been ONE Thursday and ONE Friday but I love them for now.

Today we did a few subjects here at home and then packed our lunches in our new lunch kits and went to the library at 11:00. We don't got to Preschool Story Time on Tuesdays anymore and I really like having Monday-Wednesday mornings at home. So we got to the library and picked out our books for the week. Then I checked out a laptop for Sweetheart and a Leap Pad for Little Bit and we sat down at a back table. Sweetheart did her Math lesson (Math U See--needed the laptop for the DVD) while Little Bit worked happily on the Leap Pad. I know Leap Pads are such ANCIENT technology, but she hasn't really ever played with one much so she loved it. Sweetheart liked doing math in a new locale and we were all happy.

Then we ate our lunch at a park....inside the car because it was raining. And after lunch we went to our homeschool group's play day at the gym. This Thursday rocked. I hope it keeps working.

Last Friday was our first FUN FRIDAY of the year. On Fridays, I plan either an experiment or a "book cook." Last Friday we planted seeds in little pots my parents brought home from Branson for us. This week we will make spider snacks because Little Bit has been learning about Mother Goose rhymes. (Little Miss Muffet, Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Then, we do an art project. Then we do a Spanish lesson. Then we do some activity on their theme of the week. Then we watch a movie and eat lunch in the living room. It's all fun! They know they must work hard Monday through Thursday in order to get to participate in Fun Friday. In fact, I give them a ticket to let them know if they "made it" or not.

And THIS Friday we will also be getting ready for a very special birthday. Sweetheart is turning TEN on Saturday!!!!! It's just not possible. Here she was 6 years ago. Sniff. Sniff.


  1. It sounds like a very fun schedule!!! Also, Happy Birthday to Sweetheart!

  2. that is an awesome idea! we do "field trip friday" but "fun friday" leaves so many options! this morning our field trip was to a bakery to get 50 cent loaves of whole grain...i use the field trip term loosely! but, hey, they got to watch the "baker men" rolling, kneading and punching dough!

    thanks for sharing your days with us :)

  3. I'm the pink puffy hearter! Huzzah! Maybe it will catch on in blogland and I will be famous. Or something.
    Sounds like a great first week. We do "Fun Friday" too, but only twice a month. For our first Friday we took a field trip. Last Friday I just let him have the afternoon off (fun for me!) I don't know what we're going to do this Friday, but something fun!

  4. Okay, are you a genius? I never thought of taking them to the library and letting them work on a subject there! How smart is that? I mean, other kids do it, I have seen them. HA HA!

    I will have to try this.


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