Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help For the Homeschooler--How to Start Planning

In this series of posts, I am going to assume that you have chosen your curriculum. If you have not done that, here are a few tips:

*Research, research, research. Google "(name of curriculum) reviews" and you'll find out all about it from folks who have used it. Ask real friends. Ask online friends. Go to a store or curriculum fair and look at it.
*Ask your husband once you have narrowed it down to a few choices. They may surprise you with things you would never think of and help you make the decision.

OK--now. You have your curriculum. You have a little space to work. Now what?

This year I began with Donna Young's printables. She has amazing resources! Specifically, I used some forms from the Garamond Collection. I began with the Yearly Course of Study Record. That link will take you to the PDF, but what I like is there is a Word version that you can type right onto and print.

What this form will do is help you decide: WHAT are we going to study? and WHAT DO I HAVE that will help us do that? This will help you later when it's time to make a schedule.

I plugged in our curriculum and had a nice, neat record of what we are going to do this year.

Sweetheart--4th grade

Bible--Bible Study Guide for All Ages, Devotions for Girls—God and Me!, the Bible, copywork/memorization of Bible verses, various children’s Bibles

History--The Mystery of History Vol. II, various atlas books and maps, supplemental reading materials and videos on topics

Math--Math-U-See Beta and Gamma student books (we are going to try to plug through both this year as we are a bit behind after switching over in Feb.), computer (http://www.mathusee.com/) for online drill, Math U See DVD’s and laptop to watch them on, blocks

Science--Exploring Creation Through Botany—Apologia textbook, Botany notebook

Spelling--All About Spelling Vol. 2, index card box with spelling cards

Handwriting--Handwriting Without Tears cursive book

Reading--Abeka 3rd grade readers (they are HARD so we only read the first few last year. I really like them for their topics), library card

Little Bit--Kindergarten

Bible--no idea. Still working on what to do with her.

Reading/Phonics--Explode the Code student books, http://www.starfall.com/

Math--Math U See Primer student book, laptop to watch DVD’s on, blocks

Science--botany through children's literature, Apologia science experiments,

Themes--pocket chart activities, art projects, lapbooks, library card for children’s books on theme, materials for hands-on activities and thematic play, cooking

Handwriting--Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten book

Now. Print that out and put it in a notebook. You'll need it later.

Part 3 of the series here.

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  1. I'm going to be reading your posts closely! I'm starting to homeschool my toddler (kinda preschool level), but not planning on buying a certain curriculum until kindergarten. Starting from scratch here!


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