Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes Things Work Out Right

Right? Our new schedule.

I think I actually planned it pretty well. Sweetheart is doing this subject while Little Bit does this, etc. It's hard juggling two different grades and I honestly don't know how moms of many do it. So, the schedule? It worked out. (so far)

Wrong? The attitude during school.
One of the daughters who shall remain nameless but was born first has a tendency to complain. Whine?'s more complaining. The last subject of the day before lunch found her with her head on the table complaining about how hungry she was. I may or may not have lectured her about how she was NOT a child from TV who was up for sponsorship and she had INDEED been given food on this day and can we please get on with the work? Five minutes later when she had been released to play before lunch she came dancing in the room full of smiles and laughter.

I think I partially hit the roof. All I know is in the midst of what came out of my mouth, she "yes ma'am'ed" me approximately 13 times. And I pointed a finger at her while I talked. Needless to say, that is unacceptable to me. I have made a "Complaint Card." There are 3 boxes drawn on it. When a complaint comes out of her mouth, I will color a square in. When all 3 are colored in, extra work will be assigned. If 2 more get colored in that day, a conference with Daddy will ensue.

I'll let you know how that comes out. It's important because it's a character issue. I don't care what all she's learning in school if she's learning to do it with a complaining attitude...that's no good.

Right? The VBS.

I sent the girls to the same Vacation Bible School I've been sending them to for the last 4 years. Our church hasn't hosted a VBS in a long time, and this church does a great job. They are a very small church and in fact they sold their building several years ago and have been meeting in their gym, which is where VBS takes place. They do such an amazing job for a church their size and this year's theme was "Rome--Paul and the Underground Church." Little Bit wasn't at all sure she wanted to go but when we walked in she was captivated. There were tents set up all around, with fake stone roads and roman columns everywhere. EVERYONE was in costume. They were whisked away immediately to the costume tent where they were outfitted in 1st century-ish attire. Here they are the night their cousins came with them:
Because Sweetheart was recovering from the flu, they didn't get to to go to all the nights, but I'm so glad they got to go to part of it. I love the picture of Sweetheart wearing a Toga that is now on my fridge. :)

So why did this work out so well? This year we are studying The Mystery of History Vol. 2, which begins with Paul and the underground church!!!! Yesterday we were reading about the catacombs (new to Mommy as well) when Sweetheart lit up and told me all about how they had crawled through a dark tunnel at VBS to visit with some Christians who were in hiding. They had also visited Paul while he was in house arrest and witnessed some Roman soldiers take down a peasant who had stolen some bread. Sweetheart had been chosen one night to take a secret message to the Christians in hiding. Needless to say: they brought history to life. This week I will be writing to thank them for sure!

Wrong? The day is still young....give me time.
Hope your day works out right today!


  1. Oh I hear you about the complaining, and I think your card idea is a great one. It puts all the responsibility on her, and gives her a visual to keep in the back of her mind.

    Can't wait to see how it works out.

    And that VBS sounds awesome!! I would like to come next year. Would you pick us all up for it?

  2. Yes, I thought it was important to help her know what comes out of her mouth and how often. The funny thing is....I just left the card laying there--no explanation. She has been just as pleasant as punch today! ;)

  3. Our new schedule is working out particularly marvelous ... I can't believe it! I guess the secret is that I DIDN'T plan it myself, but am letting the Lord set my priorities ... my part is adding the consistency!

  4. We did the same VBS at our church! I thought it might be a little intense but the kids loved it. It helped that our Paul was a dad with a great sense of humor and Brutus was one of his children. The kids loved it!

    Good luck with school! We started this week and so far it's okay. All of our commitments haven't started yet. Once we have a full schedule I'll know how it really is. Also dad started turn-around last week. He works 19 on and 2 off until the end of the year. It's going to get really interesting around here.

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. I was reading fast and when I got to Rome- Paul and the underground church, I thought it said Ron Paul and the underground church and I thought "when did Ron Paul get involved with the underground church?". So I cracked myself up. It's been a long day.

    I've got a couple of complainers too. I like your complaint card idea. I may have to steal that one.

  6. Ha! Slow down there Tonya! :) You know, I never even told her what the complaint card was.....she figured it out and has been SO agreeable this week! :)

  7. I LOVE the complaint card idea. I have a complainer at my house that it might work wonders for!!

    VBS sounds awesome! Glad to hear your schedule is working for you, too. :-)

  8. We started school two weeks ago and I am finding that having 4 students is much harder than 2. I am still trying to figure it out, but I do have a better plan now.

    VBS looked great. How fantastic!!!



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