Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Art Journals Initials

I had such big plans for our Summer Art Journals but then my little hospital trip sort of derailed our artistic fun.

However, we are back in business now!

For this project, we used painters tape, our art journals, and water color paints. Nothing special, just the kind like this.

I only mention that because I want people to realize you can do art without anything fancy! No need to visit an art supply store.

First, you tape off the letter you want to make.

Then pick up all the little pieces of tape before your mother fusses at you.

Next, paint all over the page. Use lots of colors!

Leave no white spaces!
Silly Sweetheart....doesn't she know Sweetheart starts with an "S"? ;)
 And Little Bit starts with an "L"? Oh well, you can do whatever letter you like.
When the paint has dried completely, peel off the painter's tape and...

You will have a beautiful piece of art!!

Have you done any work in your Summer Art Journals? Please share a link if you have!


  1. ah-- that is on my pinterest for Katelin's wall but I could easily have all three of the girls do it today! YEAH! thank you lady! SEE we can school as you grow your hemoglobin level and have a 1 month old and I sit on my couch for day 29 with 9 different perscriptions and wait for my second surgery in less than three weeks that willl "hopefully" end all the pain.... WE ROCK!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP FOR US!

  2. And, things are just fine with me (relatively speaking, no health issues like you and Carrie) and I am TOTALLY going to steal this and continue letting you come up with good ideas that I will take once you post them. So, thank you for keeping my children occupied. :) (Lifting up a prayer for you and Carrie right now. :) )

  3. Here is your link to our art journals - check your email. :)


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