Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Art Journals: Circles

For this journal you will need: old magazines, a circle to trace, crayons and/or color pencils, a Sharpie, glue sticks, and scissors. Wow! No paint? This must be one neat and tidy journal page!

Yeah....not so much.

Look through magazines.

Trace something that has lots of colors, but no words. Like Kelly Ripa's dress. We used a lid from an empty bottle of dried onion flakes.

Trace 9-12 circles on your journal page. Then decide where to put your magazine cut-outs.

Glue 'em down.

Little sisters might want to watch.

Now color the remaining circles using only colors from the magazine circles. Coloring hard looked best.
You can't mess this project up. It's up to the artist to do what they think looks best. 

 Wow. Stellar photography, Mom. Encourage the artists to put words on their page. Journals have words.
That's all there is to it! Blurry pictures and all. 

Next time: July 4th Journals

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