Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

I'm really starting to think...

...that all this acid reflux stuff is a scam.

Oh, I believe acid reflux is real. It's just that it seems to be quite tied up with the pharmaceutical industry. Ahem.

And I might have been surprised to see on the list of "natural herbs that treat acid reflux" TWO THINGS that I have been told to avoid by the medical industry.

Hmm. Interesting. That's all I'm saying.

I already believe that diabetes is a big 'ol scam. They could cure everyone tomorrow but that isn't going to happen because it's all tied up in money.

Do you know how badly I wish naturopaths were covered by insurance so we could afford to go?

Tomorrow I visit our new doctor. I already saw her for Baby Bee's newborn appointment where I announced we would be following Dr. Sears' alternate immunization schedule and she said,


And then went on to say that she thought that was a good schedule but she might even be more conservative in a few areas. I nearly fainted. I found a family doctor who is on board with that? Wow!

So I can't wait to see how she can help us with the acid reflux and the diabetes. (S sees her later this week.) We're hoping it's more about diet and real solutions than medicine. If I read her website correctly, I believe it will be.

I've sure been praying about our health. We want to be healthy enough to raise our girls all the way up. And to work in God's Kingdom. I don't want good health to become an idol, but I think we need to do what we can to stay healthy.

Don't get me wrong, we're thankful for the doctors who patched me up in the hospital. It's just that I got put on the set course of treatment without anyone asking me a single question about my history, symptoms, lifestyle, etc. I'm anxious to see a doctor who treats our whole family and looks at the whole picture of our health.

Sorry if I sound a bit cynical...it's just that I've been researching.

Dangerous, I know.


  1. I hear you and agree. There is *so* much we can do on our own with our nutrition and healthy habits that will rid us of those kinds of health concerns-- if we are willing to try them and stay the course for the long run and wait for the results. Part of it is detoxifying our bodies before something more natural can even work, you know?

    I would love to see a doctor like yours. Sounds like heaven. :) Let us know how it goes when you go. Praying!!

  2. You're totally right, cancer is just as much a victim-to-the-system disease too. Heart breaking! So glad you've found a decent dr.!

  3. I think you are right about all of this. Every year they lower the levels for things like diabetes and get people on meds. They really alarm people, too, with their dire diagnoses. I don't have the answer. My husband has really messed himself up with natural remedies big time, so I'm not a fan of diagnosing and treating yourself, either. I don't have the answer. A doctor you really trust, perhaps? Glad you seem to have found one.

    Never heard of de-toxing before you can use natural remedies. That sounds interesting, Karly.

  4. Oh, I'm no doctor, so I spoke out of total opinion. However, it seems that if our bodies are full of toxins, shouldn't we work to rid ouselves of those to allow our natural systems to work more efficiently? Just thinking out loud...


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