Monday, June 18, 2012

One Month

And boy what a month it has been!

She is not one month old in this picture, but I still like it.
Our Health
My baby girl is one month old today. Today I go to the doctor's office for a follow-up from my hospital stay. Uh...the second hospital stay. The doctor who fixed my bleeding ulcer. Then next week, I go for my follow-up appointment for my first hospital stay. The doctor who delivered Baby Bee.

Got all that?

Oh, throw in a doctor's appointment with my primary care doctor too. Just for fun.

Being 41 is awesome so far!

I have still been having little dizzy spells and a feeling of weakness every now and then. It was really concerning me until a friend pointed out that was probably from the anemia. You know, losing that much blood can make you anemic. Even if they pump four units of blood into you at the hospital.

So I've been researching iron-rich foods and downing a lot of them. It really helps. I'll be talking to my doctor about diet. And then S is going to see the same doctor soon because his blood sugar is in no way under control. So he'll be talking about diet too. Praying we can get him squared away because now that I'm doing better, I'm increasingly concerned for his health. I know we can get ourselves under control--we just need some guidance.

But enough about our health....what else is going on around here?

Our Family
Well, it's been completely, totally, and 100% awesome having S home so much. (You know, now that he's just working one job.) The house stays in order better, we've all seen more of him, our family does things together. It's really cool. Of course, cutting out that second income means eating at home a LOT more. Which really goes along with our diet (see above) anyway. So I guess that's a good thing.

Our Homeschool
I originally told the girls they could have a month off after baby was born and then we would start "summer school." What that means is, Sweetheart has to finish up the last few weeks of Sonlight. She has to do math lessons at least 3 times a week--more if she annoys me. And Little Bit has to read to me every day and work on math. BOY does Little Bit need to work on math. The child can memorize whole movies--why can she not grasp the addition and subtraction facts? Seriously, her memory is freaky good. She misplaced her DS one time a few months ago and came and told me, "Mom, the last time I was playing my DS was at (a restaurant) when we ate there on a Saturday. Remember? We had just been to (a store) and then we stopped to eat?"

Uh. No, actually, I didn't remember that because IT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO! Very good memory, that one. You can pull an outfit out of her closet and she can tell you where she was the last time she wore it. If we lose anything in the house--she's the one we call. She remembers where she saw every little thing.

Which tells me she is very visual. So I have been making lots of math manipulatives to help out with the  math. Also, I've been pinning lots of activities on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I'm not quite ready to go on the math activities today, but Sweetheart will be getting started on her stuff so that's good.

Getting Back to Normal
I guess we are as back to normal as things are going to get. I feel pretty good as long as I eat my Cream of Wheat every day and rest some every afternoon. Baby Bee is getting on a really good schedule. She's a very easy baby. The Lord's mercy! With all the upheaval we've had lately, He knew we needed an easy baby!
Anyway, hopefully things will be getting back to normal around this blog too. I've missed "talking" with you all! Of course, my arms are busy and full more lately and it's harder to find time to blog...but I'm hoping to be more regular and also have more interesting things to talk about than my iron levels.

You're welcome.

Oh no! It's coming true!!

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