Monday, November 7, 2011

One Week Was Not Enough

Sigh. We're back at it this week, but our week off of school was SO nice! We camped Monday-Wednesday and then just took Thursday and Friday off to play/do laundry/relax. This morning we'll be cracking the books again, but only until we get a few days off for Thanksgiving.

We camped with some friends and the girls all worked on earning their camping badges for their  Keepers of the Faith club. One task we had them do was set up a tent by themselves.

All the big girls with the finished project! Ages range from 12-4.

We had so much fun we barely took any pictures! Plus that first night we were too cold. It was a brisk 44 degrees that first night and may I just say, that is a BIT cold for tent camping?

The last morning we went fishing in the same spot we fished in 2 years ago and I could not believe the effects of the drought!

See that big log laying there? Mark that in your mind.

Now, let's look at that log 2 years ago:

Do you see it in front of Little Bit there? Yep. This was all part of the lake 2 years ago.

Two years ago...

 Last week...
We just couldn't get over how this:
 Could turn into this:
But it was a fun time camping. I love camping.

Then we ended the week with a bang. Sweetheart was playing baseball in the backyard with her cousins and she tripped on one of the bricks that edge our garden and fell into the garden, cutting herself up on the bricks in the process. She has a pretty good gash on her knee, which was handled with butterfly bandages, and lots of scrapes and cuts.

Good thing it's back to school today--we couldn't handle much more fun!

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