Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Party and Big News

Little Bit's birthday was so much fun yesterday!

We made a little Pascal to sit on her shoulder.

Everything ready to go. Her costume, and Rapunzel hair for the guests.

I made the tower and served the cupcakes in a frying pan. I was pretty proud of that idea as it was about the only one I didn't get off the internet!

We played "Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider."

Me spinning my niece Moose for the game.
Little Bit opened her presents gladly and shyly said "thank you" to everyone.

Then it was time for our plan. She calmly picked up the last gift to open and S got into place to take pictures of our sisters' reaction.

Everyone was leaning to see the shirt... (you know, this one)

And then...

Check out my sister way over on the left. :) it was such a slow realization that swept over everyone. It seemed like it took forever. So funny.

All the family was really happy though.

The movie kept everyone entertained while they ate cake.

And then the kids all played. Simple and fun.

And now....after a day of rest....its time to get back to work on school. Only I'm not prepared.

Minor detail, right?


  1. your sister's expression is priceless. looks like everyone had a great time. a frying pan... you creative mom, you! ;) the girls were thinking of little bit on her birthday. gracie mentioned it several times. too cute. ;)

  2. loved seeing that picture with the sisters. It was awesome! Middle sis looks shocked & older sis looks sooo excited & happy! :)

  3. Aw...your girls are SO sweet. Hope to see you all at the Thanksgiving feast!


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