Thursday, November 10, 2011

From My Head Today

  • Thank you everyone for your congratulations yesterday!
  • I spent the last 2 months struggling with worry and I plan to blog about that some next week. 
  • I am approaching full-on panic mode about the state of our house and how we cannot possibly have a baby in this disorganized place. 
  • We've only been getting the bare minimum done in school the last month and a half due to all the napping (mom's, not theirs). But next week I plan to add subjects back in that have been sorely neglected. 
  • Our previous plan of 6 weeks on/1 week off is out the door. We've got to get as much done as we possibly can because when May rolls around....the current school year is over. 
  • Our camping trip was fun and Little Bit's birthday will be fun too, but what we really need after all this fun, is a payday. Does anyone feel me?
  • Speaking of which, today I need to go buy her a birthday gift. 
  • There is only 1 1/2 more weeks of school before Thanksgiving!
  • I do not have one single, solitary Christmas gift purchased, made, or decided on.
And now I have a question. 
I did not do a baby registry for either of my other babies. It seemed presumptuous to me. (Mind you, baby registry was pretty new back in 1999.) We needed everything and knew I would appreciate anything anyone got us. We had a shower with Little Bit only because we were at a new church and the education minister's son and his wife were having a baby. We were both due near the same time and were in the same Sunday school class so how could they leave me out? I didn't need a baby shower, but we got lots of diapers and handmade blankets and nice things. 
THIS time....I have a question. Do I register? Do I just make a wish list on Amazon? Because I don't want a lot of stuff. I feel very differently about what we "need" this time around and we also don't have space for a lot of stuff. And even though I don't want a lot of stuff, we um...need some things. I'm not saying we're going to have a shower because I have no idea. But I know people will ask what we need and I tell them I'm registered or what? That feels strange to me. What's the word on this? What's proper these days? I am way out of touch.


    1. I think probably you should register. I felt super stupid doing that with my last one, being the same gender as the others, but a friend really encouraged me to do it. There were some specific things I needed, such as a new pad for the changing table. Also my friend just wanted me to enjoy going in and looking at all the new baby things and selecting any I might want! So, that's what I tell you to do. Eat it all up, my friend! You have waited faithfully for this time, so enjoy it all you want! And pick the baby things that will be best for your family/house, etc! In the long run, it may save you time from returning a bunch of things you dont need or have room for.

    2. I am in the same boat! We are on baby number three and we don't need any more blankets (36 should be enough, right?) but there are a few specific things we need. For me, I don't want to register because the things are big ticket items and won't be purchased by one person. In my case, spreading the word that gift cards would be the most helpful has been the way to go. Don't feel presumptuous; people want to know that their gift will be used.

    3. Register.

      As you well know, I know what it's like to be having a baby many years without a new born in the house. You basically need everything as you're starting from scratch.

      I have a Maya wrap in brand new condition that I've been hanging on to for some unknown reason. I want to give it to you.

      Email me so we can work out the details.

    4. Do it. Much has changed from 8 years ago, and it may help you get what you *really* need (as opposed to a cute little picture frame. Which, don't get me wrong, is a nice gesture. But you can't use it as a diaper-- or pump milk with it.) ;-)

    5. I agree with everyone else - register, to make sure you get what you need and avoid frivolous non-necessities! Have fun! :D

    6. I AM TOTALLY THROWING YOU A BABY SHOWER... I ALREADY HAVE PLANS-- and I dont do stupid games... and shucks that I can PINTEREST IT! SO there you go ... REGISTER AWAY! :0) WE can totally think of a COOL way to get what you NEED verse.. ((( ahem))) crap. :0)

    7. cant....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinterest it!!!!!

    8. Congratulations! I would register so people known what you need. :)
      Dawn T.


    I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)