Monday, October 17, 2011

What Might Have Been

**Edited: S pointed out to me that a "hookworm" was something that grew inside you or burrowed under your skin. Oops. I meant "hornworm." I fixed it. And here is a visual of one we caught last year for reference of my nap buddy.

So I took a nap yesterday.

It was glorious.

And then I happened to open my eyes before I rolled over and what did I see?

Beside me on the mattress, was a quart glass jar with a HUGE hornworm in it and a note from my daughter, "Look what I found Mom!"

Did I mention there was no LID on the jar?

And we don't have one of those fancy mattresses that you can put a glass of wine on and then jump and it won't spill?

Oh my. WHAT if I had rolled over without opening my eyes???????

Let's not go there.


  1. how do you know what a hookworm is?

  2. Eww! Eww! Eww! Why are children fascinated by stuff like that?!

  3. Ug. We found one last year and I posted it on Facebook to find out what it was. They are so gross and fat. And i do NOT wish to take a nap with one!!!

  4. Ah...hornworm makes more sense! :)

  5. I am really glad to hear it was actually a HORNworm and not a hookworm. Hookworms are NASTY!!!! Hornworms are more like gigantic, fat caterpillars... and don't take up residence in your intestinal track!


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