Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress

*This is another installment of The Family Revised Duets Posts. Today I'm dual posting with Rachel from Huse Blog Is It Anyway? Enjoy!

You know, Little Bit comes by her nickname honestly. She is four and a half years old and I was going to tell you that she had finally outgrown all of her 3T clothing, but then I noticed the dress she wore to church today was a 3T. Well, she mostly wears 4T clothing now.

Actually, she is 4 years and 9 months old. She isn't the youngest grandchild in our family, but she gets all the hand-me-downs. That's one of the perks of being the smallest. Earlier in the summer we visited a church. I walked Little Bit to the 4-5 year olds class and the teacher looked at her and asked sweetly, "Did she just have a birthday?" I told her no, she would be 5 in November. "OH!" the lady replied. "My granddaughter is tiny like that too." I get comments like that often, even though she certainly falls within the normal range in size.

Sometime last year I ran across a blog with pictures of one of the cutest babies I had ever seen. Rachel, the blog's author, was funny and I returned to read her posts and see pictures of her cute, and VERY LARGE baby. (My girls would even say, "Mommy, can we see those big baby pictures again?") Rachel posted Lorelai's "stats" at Christmastime. They were impressive. The more I read Rachel's blog, the more I began to suspect that Lorelai and Little Bit were not too far away from each other size-wise.

The really scary part about that is they are 3 years apart!!!! Man, I really wished we could see them side by side just to get a "real life" comparison. You know, it's hard to tell much just from reading someone's blog.

Then I had an idea. I took Little Bit's picture wearing this yellow dress we had (a hand-me-down of course). It's a 4T dress. Isn't it cute? I left the doorknob in the picture for reference. Then we packed the dress up and mailed it off to Rachel and Lorelai so she could try the dress out. After she's finished, she'll send the dress on to someone else. Thus, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress. It's good to have hobbies.

So, click here to see Lorelai in the dress! You'll be glad you did! Remember, she's one and half!


  1. Okay, this is a way cool idea! :) I am off to Rachel's place right now!

    Oh, and yes. Little Bit is cute. :)

  2. Wow, that's all I can say, just wow. :)
    This is a cool idea.
    I have a "little bit", too. My 20 month old fits comfortably in 6 to 9 month clothes. We get lots of comments and stares!

  3. i cant believe the dress hits htem in almost the same spot on the knees! great idea, brenda! ( of course) :)

  4. Love this idea! I have a "little bit" too. My daughter is almost 19 months and can still wear some of her 6-9 month dresses. She wears 12 months in the rest of her clothes. Her nickname is Bitty!

  5. Yikes. I wonder how long it took Lorelai to learn to walk? Her Mom probably shouted hallelujah to that!

    Sweet Little Bit.


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