Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Never Want To Post Again...

...because then my post with my VERY ORGANIZED classroom won't be on the top anymore. And you kind people left sweet comments in which "my name" and "organized" appeared in the same sentence!

I read them over and over. They made me happy.

But I must remind you, this is the woman who with no shame has posted pictures of her laundry room. Let's remember to keep in real. I can trash that classroom in a matter of days--no problem.

But right now it's clean and shiny. And we are ready for the first day of school. The girls have been bouncing off the walls and making up songs about the first day of school all day...make that all weekend. I thought we might have to bop them on the head to make them fall asleep. They each have a new shirt to wear and new tennis shoes. (Which, after we bought them, they sang songs about their new shoes all the way home. We are very musical around here.) Their little outfits are all hung up and ready to put on in the morning. The are VERY excited.

We are eyeing a tropical storm in the Gulf and wondering if we won't be taking an impromptu field trip after school tomorrow. I know it's just a little 'ol storm right now, but S would feel better if we were safely north of here before it came because in such a case, he will be at work. There's nothing like having a vacation after only one day of school! We'll see...

I can't believe summer is over, but we had a bang-up weekend to send it out! My sister and her girls came on Thursday and we attended the library reading party where they watched a show, received a free book and an ice cream along with a certificate. Very cool. Then the cousins and my sister spent the night (a sleepover!!! YEAH!) and went to the beach on Friday. Then we had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and had Grandma and Grandpa over for hamburgers tonight.

Summer is now over.

I'm kind of ready for a school schedule myself. Oh, we'll still be having lots of fun and the cousins are due to come one more time before they go back to school, but mostly we are ready to start learnin' sumpin' 'round here. The TV is killing our brain cells.

On Friday, Karly from Indescribable Life and I are going to dual post. Is that a phrase? We will both be posting on the same topic--exploring the myth that having a teaching degree makes us better homeschool moms. (HA!) And if Rachel ever gets back home, I will be dual posting with her one day soon too.

I can see it now: The Family Revised...Duets.

It's sure to go platinum at least.


  1. You are a nut, girl!

    The Duel post is a comin'! We're home!

  2. Summer's over already? Don't tell my kids because we're spending a couple of days at the beach this week!

    Praying that storm dies down before it gets near you guys. We have some experience with those types of things and know the stress it can bring.

    As for your schoolroom, if you make a mess of it, consider it evidence that you're doing your job well. Looking forward to your dual post with Karly. Sound really interesting.

  3. Okay Bren, Have a great first day of school with the girls!!! If you have to head out of town, just keep driving all the way up here! :) We start school tomorrow. J is super excited...even without a new shirt or shoes! ;) Good idea though!

  4. Sounds great! I am looking forward to the structure, too. Our break has been just about long enough, also (:

  5. Can you throw something together with photos of it for your banner? That way you never lose it. Lol.

  6. I like what aswewalk, which btw I read about 6 times before I realized it was as we walk! akkk-
    I would put the pic on a slideshow on your side bar or just some pic there! Than you can remember where everything goes when you've made a mess! :)

    So summer is offically over, I'm so glad, is the heat gone too???

  7. Your school romm looks amazing!

  8. LOL, sounds like me this week. I had cleaned off all the "art" from our refrigerator while listen to Heart of the Matter's homeschooling seminar last week. Now I don't want to put anything back on it. I've got a big stack of papers, magnets, and leapfrog products taking over the desk because I just need one big huge clean something in the house.

    We started school back yesterday, too!

  9. I am so looking forward to posting with ya, friend! I LOVE the idea of The Family Revised Duets. I think it needs a button. :)


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