Monday, August 4, 2008

One Day Down

Edited to add: links for All About Me stuff for first day!

The first day of school went well. I'm not sure it could have ever lived up to their expectations, however. But, we didn't have much time to reflect on the day since right after lunch we headed to the store to make hurricane preparations. Oh, all right...tropical storm preparations. It just doesn't sound as dramatic, OK? That's pretty much what we've been doing all day; filling pitchers with water, stocking up on non-perishables, digging up batteries and flashlights, and picking up stuff in the backyard.

But about that first day. It really was nice. The girls had their new shirts and shoes on and were ready to go. Little Bit confessed she went into the school room during the night and peeked. I would have bet money it would have been Sweetheart who pulled that, but she actually refrained until breakfast and chores and pictures were over.
Of course, they've already seen the school room, but Grandpa (the science lab teacher) had purchased these and I hung them up last night. They glow in the dark. Too cool!

And this was waiting for them on the table. Just a little something.

We got right to work! I read some books to them and they made a face and t-shirt showing how they looked on the first day of school.
Hard at work...
Pretty good, huh?

They also began some "All About Me" books. I weighed and measured the girls to keep a record of how big they were at the beginning of the year. I like doing that.

Little Bit did this activity for math. We used homemade play dough which I made with Kool-Aid. I love the Kool-Aid kind of play dough. Little Bit wanted yellow, so that necessitated using Lemonade Kool-Aid. did not give a very pleasant smell. So I tried to fix that by dumping some peppermint extract in the mixture. It, um, smells odd. And for a kid who currently has a tic of smelling EVERYTHING, it matters. I think I will make some blue play dough tomorrow.

Then I sent Little Bit off to play while Sweetheart and I began The Mystery of History. She was back in a few minutes and wanted to do everything we were doing. Here they are with their creation booklets from lesson 1.

Since Sweetheart's math book hasn't come in the mail yet, we had a fairly light day. I'm not sure how day 2 will look since we will have a classroom visitor...named Edouard.
**I wish I had seen this one for my 3rd grader--it has a page about church. I had never thought of that!
And I cannot for the life of me find the book I used for Little Bit, which is where I also got the face and t-shirt patterns. Sorry! I'll keep looking!


  1. I was waiting to see how the 1st day went! It looks like it was fun! I wish I could surprise the boys in the morning with new school supplies...but since they were with me EVERYTIME I bought something, that's not going to work! Tonight was my first attempt at assembling the file folders for our (double)lapbook....uh...yes I do feel a little dumb now, considering how long it took me!
    Since I don't have a blog - you may have noticed - I will just have to send you personalized emails on our progress! :)
    P.S. I hope the storm will not be too bad for you!!!

  2. Already? I never get to say this, but now I will...

    My kids have a nicer mommy than your kids. ;)

    We're starting...uh...soon.

    p.s. Great job on the creation booklets! I could have sent you my MOH! I had it cut and bound with a spiral binding--right before we decided to bail out.

  3. Well it looks like your visitor wont be as muc of a disturbance as you thought!

    Your day looks great. You are so creative and the girls surprises are great! I am glad it went so well and btw the has a neat cyber flight for the planes going through measuring the storm.

    Hope to hear about a great 2nd day!

  4. *Tears spring to my eyes* Oh, Brenda! How BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at them with their dolls and backpacks! *Melts*

    OH YOU LUCKY, LUCKY WOMAN!!!!!!! You are blessed! :) Enjoy each day!

  5. Nothing was new on the table except the stickers and the pencil. They had bought everything else with me. I understand.

    And yeah, Edouardo is just raining on us. That's pretty much it right now. So, MEAN MOMMY that I am, we are having school anyway. :)

  6. Sounds like so much fun. :)
    Just to let you know, I'm stealing some of your ideas for when we start on the 18th.
    I love their self-portraits!

  7. Can I come and start school with y'all? You can start me at Pre-K too!

  8. Steal away! That's why I'm sharing.
    Rachel, you are always welcome at our school. Restroom breaks whenever you need them too!

  9. I love reading about your first day! And, I am stealing your ideas, too! Next Monday (our first day) is coming too soon!

    Great job!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sounds like a great day. I loved the all about me picture. Priceless!

  11. Brenda,

    Sounds like you had a great first day---I'm glad Edouardo was easy on you all down in the south--unfortunately we had horrible tornados which came close to my home. I just posted about it--a rare thing to see an image of a twister on my blog!

    Many blessings...

  12. Congrats!!

    They are both so cute! We won't start until at least September when some lovely friends are bring all our gear from the States.

    So I have plenty of time to browse and steal ideas. :0) Thanks Friend!


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