Sunday, January 20, 2008

While I Still Have Internet

I am going to the land of no internet connection soon (visiting family) and I am already mourning my loss. Nobody write anything too wonderful until I get back, OK? It's going to take me forever to catch up when I get home! And yes, that does mean a lack of posting on my part soon but honestly, with the way I've been posting lately, who would notice?

But today I am sharing pictures. I thought about entitling them "Homeschool Highlights" or something like that, but then I realized these are just pictures from our life. Our new life that includes home schooling. Home schooling that lets us have time to do the things in these pictures.

I highly recommend the lifestyle of home education.

Allow me to introduce you to our Indian friends. Little Bit (aka Small Deer); her cousin the Super-Sized 3 year old (who is 7 months YOUNGER than Little Bit), Pale Moose; her other cousin Gentle Sparrow (she really is gentle); and my Sweetheart, otherwise known as Twirling Arrow. Which really fits because she has a leaning towards being "flighty" sometimes. Or flitty. Anyway, it fits. And aren't they cute? They had a lot of fun on "Indian day." They strung necklaces, painted sticks, and even participated in a rain stick dance or something like that. There was a lot of banging of sticks and loud noises. They had a blast.

See? That circle of dead grass where our pool sat all summer came in handy. I think that's firewood they gathered in the middle there. My sister and I realized while watching them that when Little Bit and Pale Moose are 8 and 7 years old, that their older sisters will be 12 and 11 and probably not so keen on joining in things like this. These truly are precious times while they are ALL little.

Oh, and to the lady in the fabric department at that Wal-Mart where we bought Sweetheart's brown fabric for her costume? You know, you're the one who looked right at me with my daughter standing at my side and said, "This is for a girl???? This is way too dark for a girl's costume. You need to get lighter. This is for boys." And if I recall, I cracked a few teeth trying to smile and bite my tongue all at the same time while saying, "Thankyoushelikesthisone." Well Wal-Mart lady, the costume came out beautifully no thanks to you and my daughter was right, "I picked it because it looks like buffalo skin, Mommy."

End of rant.

OK, moving sister and I also took the older 2 girls to see the play "Ramona Quimby" at a local theater. Sweetheart and I had read at least 4 of the Ramona books at the time of the play and she loved it! Here they are posing with the actresses who played Beezus (left) and Ramona (right).

We can't have a dog or cat right now because 1. S and I don't want a pet. and 2. We all have asthma or allergies in this house. We have promised the girls a dog in a few years and they are trying to wait patiently. In the meantime, they decided they would like to have fish. We had fish tanks for years so this was no big deal to me and S. But then we realized Little Bit was too small to remember our former fishiness, so it WAS a big deal to her! Here she is with her first ever pets.

Which is why I love the kitty that has wandered into our neighborhood. Our next door neighbor, Mrs. Peck, who Little Bit just calls "Peck" and refuses to add the "Mrs." which cracks me up, has been feeding this little guy and has a bed on her front porch for him. But he likes us. And he came to visit our backyard last week which just delighted the girls to no end. And please don't ask why my daughter has on mittens, a jacket, and a stocking cap....but flip-flops on her feet. JUST FOCUS ON THE CUTE KITTY, OK?

Now, we will move on. OK, I'll actually throw in a picture of myself here because most of my body fat is concealed and what good are little children if they can't help mom hide the flab for a few pictures every now and then, right?

And obviously chronological order means nothing to me because here is a shot of Little Bit's 4th birthday back in November. She had a Dorothy the Dinosaur party. This was her THIRD Wiggles birthday in a row so we were desperate to change the theme up. Although, I must say, I have really gotten my money's worth on that Wiggles candle there. And I know I'm going to just get flooded with requests for my decorated cakes but really, I don't have time. So sorry.

End of sarcasm.

Sweetheart's sewing lessons have been going quite well. We made a bunch of cloth napkins using the sewing machine a few weeks ago but what she really wanted to do was to use her sewing kit she got for Christmas. Here she is sewing up one of her "silkies." They are satiny on one side and flannel on the other and she has been addicted to them since about 5 months of age. She probably has 10 of them. I never thought when I gave that little thumb-sucking baby a lovie to hold on to that 8 years later she would be learning to sew with it.
And this is the end of the pictures because you know what? I just remembered I HATE inserting pictures.
Have a great Monday!


  1. I will notice that you're gone, my friend. Have a great trip.

  2. Great pictures! I wish I were taking sewing lessons. I have all the stuff, but lack the know how:) Hope you have a great trip!

  3. This is a great for us, but my experience is that it is even better for the author. It really helps to keep a right perspective--that great things have happened, and *are* happening, even though it feels, at times, like we are spending most of our moments cooking or cleaning--so re-read your highlights posts often! :)

    And I notice people when they post because y'all are on my Bloglines. I'll read you when you get back.

    *grrrrrr* How did I fail that word verification? Trying again...

  4. I love you Brenda.

    Ranting and sarcasm and all.

    You will be missed!

  5. How fun this was to read!!

    Oh, and YOU CAN'T GO! I will miss you!!

    Have fun, and we'll see you when you get back!


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