Friday, December 28, 2007

We Stepped Back in Time

I was wrapping a Christmas present in newspaper (for padding) over the holidays and came across an article about our town. It seems there are some old houses that belonged to some of the founding members of our community that are available for touring. The houses contain real articles and everyday things circa 1900. I told the girls we were going to go see them and they were grasping to understand how old they were.

"That's 99 years before you were born, Sweetheart."

"Wow! How old was Grandma and Grandpa?"

"They weren't born. They are only in their 70's."


My parents came along with us and it was SO interesting. The first thing we saw was an old-fashioned lawn mower leaning against the tree. I was going to be all informative and teach Sweetheart all about the olden days.

"I bet you can't guess what this is."

"Oh, it's a lawn mower. Papa Bear uses one of those in the Berenstain Bears."

(Score: 0)

She also already knew all about the water pump at the "sink", the old iron stove, and lots of other things--all from books. I guess reading is really good for you. (Kidding--I knew that.) Little Bit was most impressed with a children's room upstairs. It contained a child-sized bed and wardrobe along with dollhouses, doll beds and other toys of that day. Oh, how she wanted to play! I looked over at one point and she had her doll (our constant companion Fiona), laid in one of the antique beds. Thankfully, the tour guide was very relaxed and didn't mind.

Mom and I were impressed by how UNCLUTTERED every room was. It all looked so simple. Sigh. Guess I will do some work on my house this holiday. The fewer things you have in a room, the more you are able to notice the beautiful things that are there. Time to scale down what we have in our little house.

And speaking of Little Houses---Sweetheart recieved season one of Little House on the Prairie for a Christmas gift, along with Little House paper dolls. We have had so much fun watching an episode every evening. The whole family is wrapped up in it. They just don't make TV like that anymore. I had been waiting until she was old enough to read the Little House chapter books, but then discovered these little treasures at the library. They are an easy reading level for her and as soon as she read a few of them she was in love with the Ingalls family.

There is a lot to be learned from those olden days, folks! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Yes, there is a alot to be leaned from those olden days.


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