Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Than Just Tanta Clot

We have really enjoyed Santa at our house. He brings lots of fun and anticipation. Three year old Sweetheart was missing QUITE a few of her speech sounds, so his name was what you see in the title. I kind of miss ol' Tanta Clot. He made me think of blood thinners. Little Bit hasn't had much love for Ho Ho (her name for him). This year she announced she would sit in Mrs. Claus' lap, however. Hey, long as you are smiling. I have a few years with no Ho Ho pictures with Little Bit because I'm not going to force a screaming child to sit for pictures. So sad. Plus, we get our pictures for free from my sister's bank and last year Little Bit announced: "Sissy can go get her picture made and I will wait with Aunt Terri in her office. And we will close the door."

So there.

And, just for effect, I will include the pic from the library last week. We kind of didn't know the Claus' would be at storytime or I would have put more thought into their outfits--even the doll has on hand-me-downs!

I have always fought that familiar battle with families who have invited Santa into their Christmas celebrations: How to properly emphasize Jesus' birth and de-emphasize everything else. Well, we have our Christmas fun but we really spend a lot of time talking about baby Jesus as well. I was concerned how I've been doing so I had Sweetheart write in her journal the other day, "Why is Jesus more important than Santa Claus?"

Her answer: Because he is the savior. He died on the cross for all of us and on Christmas he was born and he did that because he loved us.

Good job, baby! Little Bit is four this year and is just now getting the story of his birth and can even tell lots of it back to us. What a wonderful Bible class teacher she must have. Ahem. It's exciting to see her learning it.

This month for Bible I had Sweetheart make a time line of the events in Luke. We went much deeper with the story than in years past. We started with the geneology in Matthew and then looked up the Old Testament prophesy that said the savior would come from the family of David. She was very impressed. She had never heard the part about Simeon either.

Inspired by Jess at Making Home, I dove into the section of the story where Joseph is visited by the angel. I was trying to explain why Joseph was probably hesistant about the whole situation. I went on about how it takes a man and a woman to make a baby, (she nodded) and about what Joseph probably thought when Mary showed up pregnant and what everyone would think about them and why he might have been afraid, etc. After my riveting speech I asked Sweetheart if she had any questions.



How long do you think it took them to get to Bethlehem?

OK Jess. You can't teach those who aren't curious! I gave it a good try. :)

Anyway, it's really fun to see them learning and growing. And it's REALLY fun getting to be the one to teach them. Even though today is our last day of "school" for the holidays, Bible will continue. You just can't take a break from some things!


  1. That's hilarious- about her not being interested! :) I'm all for answering the questions that they have... seems like your answer sufficed for what she's curious about.

    My son, on the other hand, thought it was strange... "Why would Joseph not want to marry her anymore?" After I explained it, he was like, "OH- I get it, he thought she had been with another man to make that baby, but she hadn't!" I'm convinced that each kid will have different levels of concern and questions at different stages, but I say good on ya for being open to her questions and opening it up for discussion! ;)


  2. That is a cute picture. And I'm glad you didn't force your little on to take a pictures with Santa against her will. And yes, it appears that Little Bit has an excellent Bible teacher. Ahem.

  3. Yes, Jess, that's kind of the conversation I was going for with my daughter, but oh well. Another time.


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