Thursday, December 27, 2007

Perspective That Will Stay With You

The dishes are piled up in the kitchen, the laundry has taken over, there is junk in every room that needs to be dealt with. I am overwhelmed by our house this week. I'm glad Christmas is over and we can put away the decorations and reclaim our house. I've had nagging headaches all week and am trying really hard not to be grumpy with the girls. Holiday stress, right?

But what I don't have is unopened presents under the tree.

My friend Jennifer e-mailed me just before Christmas about a couple she and her husband knew from college. Here is a part of her e-mail...

Steve & Elizabeth went to college with us. On their way to church last Sunday, a truck pulling a drilling rig weaved off the road and over-corrected into their lane and rolled over their car. It killed their two kids, Tanner (9) and Brooklyn (3). Steve was in critical condition and Elizabeth in stable condition. I can only imagine how their hearts hurt and the questions they're asking and the anger and grief they feel and dealing with it all with all their children's presents under the tree that won't be opened by bright smiling faces tomorrow morning. Please pray for them.

I don't have unopened presents under the tree. I don't have two rooms full of children's things that now sit unused. Can I really get annoyed when my children ask me to get up and help them with something? Isn't it instead a blessing that I have them to take care of?

I have to say my heart has been very heavy for this family. I fell asleep thinking about them and praying for them on Christmas Eve. They do not cease to be a family because their children are gone, but what a shift to undergo overnight. I do not know this family. I do not know if their marriage is strong enough for this. I don't know anyone who is strong enough to go through this without the Lord. Please pray for them if you have a minute.

And hug your family today.

*Edited to add: I know there is a lot of stuff to read on the internet and you can't believe every prayer request you hear about...I just wanted to add this link to kind of verify. This is the news story about the crash. Thanks!


  1. Wow, Brenda. You're right, though....puts everything into perspective. I just prayed for them and will remember to keep doing so.

  2. Perspective. Yes. I am quieted and humbled this evening after reading this, Brenda.

    I can't imagine how a person takes the next breath without the supernatural comfort of God; I trust they know it.

  3. You're right. Such tragedies do add a bit to one's perspective. I can't even imagine.

  4. Thanks for sharing--its so easy to lose focus, isn't it? Will be praying...


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