Thursday, December 6, 2007

Obviously, I've Been Holding Them Back

I normally read my daily blogs when the girls are otherwise engaged in something. Or asleep. But this morning I was sitting on the couch right in the middle of some good reading when they wandered in and declared they were hungry. So, being the great mom that I am, I declared that today Sweetheart was in charge of breakfast!

There. Crisis averted. Now I can finish what I am reading.

Sometimes the least-thought out plans are the best. Sweetheart was amazed!!! "I AM???? I'M IN CHARGE OF BREAKFAST?" "Wow. I've never been in charge of breakfast before. Mommy, I can't believe I can fix breakfast for me and Little Bit!" Little Bit, on the other hand burst into tears. It seems she wanted to be in charge of breakfast. So, I promised her that tomorrow she could be in charge.

Little Bit ran to get their aprons while Sweetheart went over to the refrigerator and looked up at the menu to see what was supposed to be for breakfast today. Oh, nice try honey. That's last week's menu. Mommy hasn't exactly made one for this week. But, I'm really glad she knew where to look (usually).

Sweetheart made frozen waffles for Little Bit like a pro. She got Pop-Tarts for herself. Not the most gourmet first try, but she was very proud of herself. And judging from their excitement over this task, I think I will be making a breakfast cookbook with ideas for easy, nutritious meal ideas that 4 and 8 year olds can make together. Complete with pictures.

So, I'm kind of glad I was lazy this morning so I could find out that my girls were ready to take on this new task (at least some of the time).

And yesterday, Little Bit had a lot of questions about when she grows up.
LB: When I'm a mommy, I still want to drink orange juice.
Me: You can.
LB: I can? How will I get orange juice?
Me: You will go buy it at the store.
LB: I get to pay???
Me: Yes, you will go to the store, pay for the juice, and drive home.
LB: Sweetheart!!! When we are mommies we can pay! And buy whatever we want at the store!!!!

I'm glad the thought of all these new responsibilities is so exciting for them!


  1. What a wonderful story. Your girls have aprons and everything?! I bet that was the best tasting breakfast Sweetheart ever had, simply because she did it.


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