Thursday, October 18, 2007

Part 3--Those Pesky Little Pronouns

While I was researching Bibles...I ran across one other thing that concerned me. I have done my own research online and I have seen enough to be concerned. Now, I have no way of checking the quotes I have read or finding out if what I am seeing in articles and on various websites is fact or fiction. But I know enough to be concerned. And that is my whole reason for these posts: I want others to be concerned. Concerned enough to check the versions their children are reading. Concerned enough to pause and really look before they buy.

The item that came to my attention is the issue of gender-neutral Bibles. If you have not heard of this, then you are probably saying, "Huh? Gender what?" They have been called other things such as "inclusive," "gender inclusive," and "unisex language" Bibles.

The marks of these translations is that they have traded pronouns such as HE, HIM, or HIS for more neutral pronouns like THEY, THEM, THEIR or the second person YOU. That way, you see, no one is left out.

A quote from this very old article: "Pressure for unisex language came from women who, in the words of Mr. Walker, "felt left out" by the traditional language." Oh! I see. Women felt left out. Kind of like how you can't say stewardess anymore, but have to say flight attendant instead, right?

It's not just the pronouns, either. MAN, MEN, MANKIND is replaced by PEOPLE, SELF, HUMAN, MORTAL, etc. FATHER is changed to ANCESTOR or PARENTS. Wherever it used to say BROTHERS it now says BROTHERS AND SISTERS. What's the big deal? It's just a little word. It surely doesn't change the meaning of the text, right?

The big deal is that it is rooted in feminist influence. The problem is that I read how America wasn't ready for this new translation so it was printed in Europe instead. And then they found a way to get it printed here in America under the name NIrV (New International Reader's Version)--a children's Bible! And honestly, who sits down and reads their kid's Bible cover to cover? So who is going to notice something like this? Especially when we are so used to having to be gender inclusive in our everyday lives?

By the way, they did get the Bible printed a few years later under the name TNIV (Today's New International Version). I have looked at a copy of this translation, although we don't own one. There are websites which painstakingly list out verses that change meaning due to these "little changes." I don't have to list them here. Just Google it and see for yourself.

And if you understand the effects of feminism--then these types of Bibles are surely cause for concern. When God's intended roles for men and women are so blurred in our everyday lives, do we really need a Bible that helps us blur them even more?

Just my little words of caution.

Next time: The Acronyms Are Making My Head Hurt

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  1. So that's what TNIV is all about. Hmmm... Boy, I suppose the bible printing business IS just that, a business, huh? Therefore, they are always looking for ways to "make a sale." It is just unfortunate that worldy influences are being used to market God's Word. If anyone would actually READ the Word, they would know it really needs no help. And, isn't there a verse about not adding or taking away from scripture?

    While I am appreciating your posts, I am bothered by it all. Simply bothered.

  2. I haven't run across the gender neutral Bibles but thanks for the heads up. I have found these posts enlightening and informative. Thanks!

  3. Ftightening that we now have to even guard against material in the Bible- sad, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information and being a lamp in the darkness of ignorance.

  4. Eek - I hadn't realized that they had targeted children! That is really disturbing, but really - not surprising at all.

  5. I find it hard to believe that those who change the words of the Bible truly believe the Bible is the word of God. If He said "men", obviously He meant "men", not "men and women". He said just what He wanted to say. How dare someone change it?!


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