Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Family That Plays Together...

S. has been playing golf seriously for a bit over a year. This is a relatively new sport in our household, although it's the sport I grew up with. Walk through our living room any evening and chances are the Golf Channel will be on. (At my Dad's house too!)

S. grew up playing football. He was 5 when he started and his mom had photo albums full of all the times he was in the paper growing up. He was quite good, apparently. He played football until his junior year of high school when he switched to basketball. That's when we started dating. We played basketball on dates, I watched him play basketball. He was quite good.

He never played baseball in his life but when he joined the church softball team one year, he had very little trouble picking up the game. Sports just seem to come easy to him. And that's why golf is giving him a little bit of grief. You see, he isn't in the percentage he wants to be.

What? Let me fill you in on my husband's percentage theory.

See, S. grew up fishing. His step-dad would take him salt water fishing on the piers all the time growing up. He also had 2 best friends who fished all the time with him. Come to think of it, when we weren't playing or watching basketball while dating, we were probably fishing. But that's a post for another day! Anyway, when it comes to fishing he just plain knows what he's doing. Whenever some tourist comes down to the pier with a way too big rod and reel and a shiny new tackle box you can just see S. shaking his head inside. So sad. Poor old 90 percenter. You see, 90% of the people don't know what they are doing when it comes to fishing. And the other 10% do. Can you guess which group S. believes he belongs to?

But he's been frustrated about golf. I finally figured out why.

"You're a 90 percenter when it comes to golf aren't you? And it's killing you!" He had to admit it was true. He cracks me up.

It probably doesn't help that he takes Sweetheart with him to the driving range with her new pink junior golf clubs and watches her hit an entire large bucket of balls straight as an arrow.

And she might not even appear to think about what she is doing. And it's also been reported she might twirl around in a circle after she swings just for fun. And yet? Her balls go straight every time.

That might add to the frustration, don't you think?

And the priceless part was the way she picked up a Golf Digest when they got home and sat down to peruse it, serious as she could be.
Happiness is not knowing what percentage you are in!


  1. That 90% thing is soooo funny! Oh well, maybe Sweetheart can give him some pointers.:)

  2. Hehehe :) The percentage theory is very amusing!


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