Monday, October 22, 2007

October Has Been So Much Fun!!!!

We started the month off by going to "the trailer." When we tore my grandmother's house down several years after she died, my parents bought a 2 bedroom trailer and parked it right where my Nanny's house had been. My aunts and cousins live in the same town and I have always greatly enjoyed going to visit. Now, even though they don't have grandparents who live out of town, my girls get the pleasure of visiting this same small town and staying at "the trailer." (When they tell people where we are going, we feel very classy. Why didn't we start off calling it "their country home"?)
The week we were up there, we happened to be studying cowboys. My parents added so much to our school fun! We made stick horses for the girls one afternoon and then my dad was in there making gauntlets and spurs and all sorts of things for them. Here are some shots of our cowboy cookout one night.

My mom and Sweetheart enjoying hamburgers and baked beans.

And Little Bit enjoying her cowboy supper.

While we were there, my cousin called and asked if the girls would enjoy helping her feed some baby goats. Would they?

Sweetheart loved every minute of this. Little Bit was a bit more unsure of these unpredictable baby goats. And there were dogs. And rusty things. And dirt. So naturally she was a bit uncomfortable. Have I mentioned she likes order and cleanliness?

And when we got home it was homeschool day at a local very fun museum type place. The tickets were cheap and we had a great time! Here are the girls enjoying our picnic. YES, that is a retention ditch behind them. There was a nice picnic area, but it was very far from our car and S wasn't there to carry the cooler and I saw other famlies doing this right by the parking lot, so we just followed suit.

Then we went on a little tram ride they offered. I wanted to capture the moment so I took a picture of the girls. Hey, wait a minute! I'm not going to be in any of these pictures. Sweetheart, will you take a picture of Little Bit and me?


Oh, now Little Bit wants to take one. OK--do you see Mommy and Sissy in that little screen? You do? OK, push the button!

And then a very kind girl behind us offered to take our picture.

Later, Sweetheart officially became a Brownie!

Last weekend, we attended a local pumpkin patch/fun type thing at a church nearby. Here is Grandma and the girls.

So far, this has been a really fun month! I never would have guessed how much time there would be to do fun things and still learn (maybe more than if they were in school!). I am a huge fan of homeschooling now. It feels like we are finally a family and our house is really a home instead of just a pit stop where we land each night.


  1. Brenda-
    Love the pictures!


  2. Great photos, Brenda. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Sounds wonderful! (I cracked up at your trailer comment... a country home does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?!)

    Enjoy your time at home... I, too, am reclaiming home vs. a pitstop- it feels good!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)