Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Ministry

Over the last 2 years or so I have really come to understand a few things. I know that I am my husband's helper. I know that it is a terribly important job and encompasses much more than being his servant. (And that's not a bad word!) I keep our house, managing and running things here so he can concentrate on his job, etc. I raise and teach our daughters, under his guidance. My goals are NOT to have a career, to enjoy all my favorite hobbies, and to do whatever I feel like. I am so thankful that I no longer have to work outside of the home because it does complicate things a bit. It's easier to concentrate on your husband, children, and home when you are here and not there. But anyway...

I'm starting out saying all this because I want you to know that I undestand my family is my ministry.

And yet, I can't stay closed up in this house day after day. Neither can I go out into the world (well, the library and Wal-Mart anyway) and NOT share God's love and the good news with others.

So that brings us to Matthew and the "great commission." I have heard it said that Jesus was speaking to his disciples, not to us. I have heard others who hang their whole lives on these verses. And every place in between. But we were discussing these verses in Bible class the other day and I noticed that it says "make disciples of..." Hmmm.

That is a little different than what I usually hear these days. This book talks about paying for the person's meal behind you in line at the drive-through. Or helping someone carrry their groceries. Or buying someone a coke.

Wheeeee!!!! Here we go spreading random acts of God's love all over the world! See me tossing the seeds of God's love out there as I go about MY daily tasks? Wow! This isn't so hard after all! Going to the dry cleaners? BAM! Pay for next customer's order. Leave a card that says, "God love you and so do I!" Wow! This IS easy!

I think there is a need to be more purposeful and less random in our ministry to the lost. (NOT forgetting our ministry to our families and to the saints!!!) Scattering seeds of God's love is important. You could be the only person who has smiled at someone that day. You could do an act of love for someone who was contemplating taking their life later that day. You just never know. And God's love is powerful, because we forget ourselves and love with His love. (Love is not self-seeking...etc.) So is there a place for this? Absolutely.
But making disciples calls for relationships with people. What does this look like? Well, immediately I think of having people over to our homes for Bible study. Of taking a meal to a new mom and staying to visit a few minutes and then following up on that relationship. I'm sure there are many other ways. My point is, I think we have to think these things out.
If I leave my house every day with my to do list in hand it is very easy to forget to shower God's love as I go. Because on the way to the library to turn in those books, someone in the back seat spills an entire bag of Goldfish crackers and that starts a fight while I try to mediate from the front seat while driving and paying attention to traffic and when we get to the library someone else falls out of the car and skins their knee and when we hit the door of the library my only prayer is "Please God help me get through this errand!" Our days take over if we are not careful. be continued

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  1. Well said, Brenda. You're right. It's easy to allow the stresses and distractions of life to keep us from making an effort to love and serve others. This was something I definitely needed to be reminded of.


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