Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Ministry is Not Enough

So, I can't agree with the idea that we are to just go around scattering the seeds of God's love and hitting them with whoever happens to cross our path AND praying that it's enough. (Read the first post here). I think we need to be more purposeful than that.

Even though my family is my primary and first ministry, I cannot ONLY minister to my family and leave the lost to find their own way. I have Good News, and it needs to be shared. So how can this be done, if not soley by "random acts of God's love"?

We have some friends whose son is autistic. Even though they would NEVER choose to have things as they are, they admit they have found a group of people (parents of children with disabilities) who need ministering to. And for reasons they could not have forseen, they find themselves able to do the ministering. For the last few years my husband has served as "part-time" youth minister at our church. So, for us, our other ministry was also clear. I know people who make it their ministry to reach out to other mothers while waiting for preschool to let out. They purposefully speak to and listen to these moms who are also waiting for their children. I know couples who take a younger couple under their wing--inviting them over for dinner and spending time with them, perhaps even leading into Bible study.

The point is, we must be aware of the different ways we can minister--and plan accordingly. I read on an old post at this blog about how she intended to get out the crock pot before Sunday church so she could be ready at a moment's notice to invite a new family over for lunch after services. This is what I'm talking about: being ready to minister, really minister to others. And teaching our children to do the same.

Do unplanned ministry moments happen? Of course! They can be a huge blessing. My daughters and I are FOREVER helping lost children find their parents. I don't know why this always happens to me. I seem to notice lost children everywhere we go. But that's not exactly the "helping the lost" I'm talking about!

Now that we are not actively helping my husband in youth ministry, what will our ministry be? Who could I reach out to? How could I do that?

What type of ministry are you involved in?


  1. Such good thoughts here, Brenda. I want to be prepared; but I learned long ago to be careful about going around pursuing made-up works of service! It's a dreadful babysitting story, but anywho...

    You're so committed to your family--do you think other SAMS really understand that their home ministry is more than just serving the folks under their roofs? Do you think they understand their role as a dead kernel of wheat falling to the ground in order to reproduce and bring forth a harvest?

    Our children multiply our efforts in spreading salt and light in this lost, lonely world.

    Thanks for the link, btw. ;)

  2. Good post, Brenda. I agree with you that we need to seek out opportunities to serve others in ministry.


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