Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Wonderful Treasure at the Library

I have rediscovered an old friend lately. Sweetheart and I enjoyed the read-aloud Beezus and Ramona a few weeks ago. I just knew that she would understand how Beezus, being the older sister, always felt about having Ramona (or Little Bit) as a little sister. When I was growing up, I always understood Ramona so well, because I was the little sister to a big sister who seemed to do absolutlely everything right. I was right--she did relate to Beezus AND thought Ramona was hilarious. I think the book went a long way towards helping her see she isn't the only one in the world with a little sister who can be exasperating. We enjoyed that book so much we just finished Ramona the Pest. We can't wait to get the next one. For me, it's like sharing a treasure with her. I LOVED these books growing up and I feel so blessed to have time to be reading them to my daughter now. In fact, I SO remember feeling how Ramona feels when I was little I have caught myself almost tearing up in a few parts. How sad is that? Books are connected to parts of our life, that's for sure!

Speaking of treasures--we had the best time yesterday at our city's groundbreaking for the new library additions. There was a special story time for the kids featuring a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator who did a really great job! Even though my kids have not seen the Pirates of the Carribean movies, they really enjoyed all the pirate stuff. Sweetheart got called up to be a helper twice during his show. They were filming it and it will air on our city's cable channel next week. Of course, Sweetheart is sure she is going to be famous! After that, all the kids got to go outside with shovels and help with the groundbreaking and dig for buried treasure too. What a fun day.

Of course the girls have been inspired and this morning they are dressed as pirates, making treaure maps, and stalking around the house with serving spoons looking for buried treasure. I guess school can wait until they come back ashore.


  1. What good timing, since, as I have been informed, today is National Speak Like a Pirate Day!


  2. Glad to see you broke through your writer's block! I personally loved the first 'Pirates' movie. The sequels, not so much. I bet your girls make adorable pirates.


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