Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handmade Christmas

For the last few years I have tried really hard to make most of our Christmas presents. We buy stuff for the girls, but for the grown ups in our life, we try to give handmade. Sew Mama Sew has been an indispensable help for the last few years, but I find tutorials all over the place. Here is what I gave last year (with links).

I can't share every one's presents here because people might see.....but I did want to share some. I saw this idea on Sew Mama Sew and it gave me an idea for my mom. My parents have a country home (aka "the trailer") but they are not there enough to decorate for each holiday. So I decided to make these pillow covers in each season. My mom can just switch out the pillowcase four times a year. I'll post pictures later. They are looking very cute and are made completely from scraps, besides the inexpensive muslin I bought for the case.

I found several other ideas in their scrap busters section, but I'll share those later. One of the really exciting things is the gift the girls are making. I like for them to give gifts to everyone so their Christmas is not just about getting. This year I decided for them to make sachets. Using scraps, I'm having Sweetheart sew 5"X7" pieces of fabric together. Then she turns and fixes the corners and hands them off to Little Bit. Her job is to stuff them with potpourri and tie them at the top with a piece of yarn. She can't do the whole bow yet, but she's doing really good tying the first part. Sweetheart has had her sewing machine for a few years but she's only sewed a few things on it. That's why I was SO impressed and proud that she was able to sew these on her own after only having my help on the first one.

Today I was pulling away from Hobby Lobby just shaking my head. I purchased materials for my sister's Christmas present, most of my nieces' presents, and 2 parts of my sisters-in-law's gifts and I only spent $8.00!!!! You cannot beat that.

I really love giving homemade gifts. What are you making this Christmas?


  1. Brenda, you are so awesome and resourceful. I've been keeping an eye on SMS Scrap Busters stuff, but somehow missed that adorable pillow!! Bookmark!

    You want to know what I "made" this year for everyone. Shhhhh...don't tell...seriously, don't mention this on my site, because they haven't received them yet. But, I bought everyone (and I do mean everyone) a Snuggie and personalized it for them. Whether it be their initials, favorite sports team, or favorite animal, each gets a specialized Snuggie from us.


  2. I'm so thankful you blogged about this. We just took a rather unexpected last minute trip to Disney World, so we are being really frugal for Christmas and I was trying to decide what I could make for everyone for Christmas. You gave me some great ideas. I already had a few nieces and nephews covered, now I have the Moms and Dads covered, just have to figure out what to do for my hubby and kids......

  3. Great idea! You already know what I'm making for Christmas this year. Too many projects!! Ack! But they are getting slowly accomplished. All I need now is a sewing machine...


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