Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Just Call It Progress Anyway, OK?

Little Bit does NOT like the mess I've made. She told me so. "I don't like it when things are everywhere."

Neither do I dear, but it has to get worse before it gets better.

The contents of our homeschool cabinet, ladies and gentlemen. In the first room you see when you walk in our house. The room with no door, mind you.

But I cleaned out that sewing room!
In progress...
And fit that homeschool cabinet in there!

All my sewing stuff and scrapbook stuff fit into that curtained closet on the right. 

Otherwise known as: Things I Will Get to in Another 6 or 10 Years

I'm pretty proud of that big move, but now I have to re-organize the inside of the cabinet and it's making me twitch a bit. Now that we use Sonlight, our organizational needs have changed. And I also need to get rid of a lot of stuff!

I'll be listing things for sale this week. HOPING to make some cash and clear some space. Some things I'll want to hang onto for Baby Bee but will be at least 5 years before she uses any of it. You can't just keep everything for that long. 

Which brings me to thinking about curriculum. Pretty sure I've nailed down all my choices for the year so I'll be blogging about those soon. 

But first I need to whimper a bit. Wander around some. And then finally get this finished. 

In that order. 


  1. laughted out loud at the whimper and wander around bit. :0) We cleaned the school room yesterday.. ME sitting and directing and sorting through papers as they brought them to me and four kids picking up.. Took us JUST under an hour and that was NOT stopping for one second and me barking (scratch that) sweetly handing out assignments to each kid as they finished the one before. IT is NOT done but probably 85 percent better and I CANNOT believe I did not take a before picture but then I have you to back me up! :0)

  2. loved the whimper & wander, too... but only because i can relate. ;) we have a lot of shelves that are filled. need to do another purge before sonlight comes knocking on our door! :)


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