Thursday, June 5, 2008

Motivation Is...

...finding out that your husband offered to have church at your house this week.

Because we have a friend who hasn't been to church in years and he's interested in coming.

And he would feel more comfortable at our house than the other family whom he does not know very well.

THAT'S motivation for getting your housework done, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Used to be, whenever the house really got to DH, he would invite someone over... giving me plenty of warning so the house would look nice, of course!
    Hope your friend gets "hooked" on your church!

  2. Motivating indeed! You'll really appreciate your nice clean house when you're finished though. I hope you guys have a wonderful service! Can't wait to hear how your church is progressing.

    Speaking of motivation, check out my post for today. And let me know how you're doing on your end, too.

  3. Don't go overboard. Remember that you need to stay awake during prayer. Have a lovely gathering.

  4. Thank you Mary, but obviously you are thinking that I am going to dust and polish etc. instead of the truth which is I am going to locate the couch under all the laundry, wash the dirty dishes in the sink, and get the used glasses out of the living room.

    My standards are very high! :)

  5. At least he gave you fair warning!

    Hope all goes well for your service. Have a great time.

    And enjoy the clean while it lasts. :0)


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