Thursday, April 25, 2013

Repeat After Me: I Do Not Have Schoolwork. I Am the Mom.

Do you take on the stress of your child's work load too? If you are behind schedule or one certain subject is stacking up on you, is your child concerned about it or only you? If there is a big project due this week, like us, does the stress to complete it fall on you or them?

I'm kind of bad about this. Some mornings I remember to tell myself, "Hey! I've already been to 7th grade! This isn't my problem!" Other mornings I feel like I'm the student and I have a huge workload ahead of me that day!

Forgetting, of course, that it is my child who has the school work to complete. I am the mom. I have a house to keep and a baby to care for. I have to read to them, yes. And directly teach them at times.

But I am not the student!

I must remember this daily.

But the big projects are complete now and the presentations are today. It's voluntary, you know. We don't have to participate in our homeschool group's project fair. But we love it. The girls have done it nearly every year. Last year Mama said NO because Mama was very, very pregnant.

This is our first year to not do a science-related project. That would be because not a terrible lot of science has gone on this year. We are about half-way through our book, but not nearly as far as I'd like to be. There's still time.

I'm excited about their presentations today and I can't wait to share them with you afterward.

But first, I must go and be a MOM NOT a STUDENT.

Repeat to self.

P.S. Little Bit slept in her room last night sans marsupials. It was lovely. I rearranged her room and we turned all the wooden cubes that her dollhouse sit on towards the wall so there are no more openings for possums to cuddle up in. I dreamed about possums last night.


  1. I think I do but often out of guilt becasue I am in control of our schedule and if I cut things too short.. I.E. science fair projects.. I feel the brunt of it becasue it is my fault. BUT no I should be very careful of that feeling! I do take on more than is my responsibilities...

  2. Unfortunately for me I AM in school. I'm trying to teach math that I either never had in school or have completely forgotten how to do. I have twins in 9th, one in 7th and one in 5th plus a 3 year old. My 13 year old really struggles with her lessons in math and sometimes it takes 2 hours or more to do 30 problems. But she is improving. I think we'll do math over the summer because when we took two weeks off for break it was like we were starting over again.


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