Monday, April 22, 2013

In Which We Make Our House Work For Us Again

OK--no more whining. S and I put our heads together and finally came up with a solution for making this house work for us AND a place to put all the furniture. We were actually so perplexed I was praying about it last week. Then, the other day I was visiting with my mom and telling her the problem and epiphany! An answer to prayer: how to rearrange to meet all our current needs.

So now, instead of this:
Homeschool cabinet in corner of living room.
We have this:

An office for S!!! (That's some CHEAP Wal-Mart furniture there. Nobody sneeze or slam the door too hard!)
And instead of this:

One side of the front room.

We have this:

Wow! A place to hang our map! And you can't see it but our spelling board is hung up too!

And instead of this:

and this:

We have this:

Here's the middle of that front room with our new table:

Yes folks, we have a homeschool room again. And it feels good!!! The table is tall, with bar stool-like chairs so Baby Bee won't be able to reach it for a while. And now we don't have to set up the card table in the living room every day.

And S has an office to work in! It's so wonderful!

And that little extra room that used to once upon a time be my sewing room but more recently looked like this:

Now looks like this:

The girls' rooms are clean too. There only remains our room. One day, I'll get all that laundry put away. But for now we are just so excited to make these changes and USE our house the way we need to!

We've got 7 more weeks or so of school. How about you?


  1. whoo hoo! okay... now fix all my problems!

  2. Anyone else want to take bets with me as to how long their furniture stays in this particular order before being moved? I'm trying to decide if it will still look like this in two weeks when I come visit....

    1. Hmmmm...she seems pretty excited, I bet in 3 weeks she'll switch something. :)

  3. Wow! That looks awesome! Now come do our place, please!! (Seriously, I find myself in prayer about that very thing... it's so perplexing!) Love it!

    We've got a couple more weeks... more or less... can't wait!

  4. Anita... I would take that bet.. BUT she will be busy in the next few weeks.. I give it until closer to the end of May. :0)


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