Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In November...

We are getting ready for Little Bit's 9th birthday this week! I can't believe she's going to be 9! We're just having a family party this year as she has had big friend parties for 2 years now. Family, and hopefully a trip to somewhere she has been waiting and waiting to go!

We are also trying to make plans for Thanksgiving. S and I LOVE Thanksgiving. It's the least stressful of all the holidays. You just go somewhere (or stay home) and EAT. Easy and simple! But our extended family never seems to know what they are going to do until right before. Trying to be proactive this year and make a plan.

My Dad has begun his chemo again. This time he's in a medical trial and recieving both a shot and a pill. The only real side effect so far has been some pretty bad mouth sores. I've made applesauce and pinto beans for him. They are better now and I'm thankful he feels so good still.

Other than that stuff, we just plug along each day doing school. We never get everything done, but we get a lot done each day. At some point in the day I just call it. "We're done!" You can only work so much.
Especially with all the help we get.

This precious little girl is such a joy. She learned to sit up last week. Just. Like. That. In one day. The other girls worked for weeks to learn that. She just up and did it.

She is such a distraction and everything she does is cute. In speaking of the recent (at the time, upcoming) elections, we had to discuss abortion at our house. Yes, my kids are sheltered. I told them, very basically and without a lot of detail, what abortion meant. They were horrified. Horrified! Little Bit marched right over to where Baby Bee was sitting and hugged her. "How could someone do that to a little baby?" She was indignant. I told them I didn't know....I had wanted all of them so badly I could hardly stand it. Later Little Bit asked, "But Mommy, what if the baby is born cute?" Exactly. How do you explain the sin in this world that allows abortion to be normal.

Thankful for my blessings. Even if I am 41 and tired most of the time.


  1. I remember Matt saying "don't they know there is a baby there? and I said yes Matt that is WHY they did it. and Matt said you mean on purpose.. and I said yes. He could not believe it... I mean I really dont KNOW that he believed me that they did it on purpose. I don't think he could believe such a horror could occur or that other people would do such a thing.

  2. I am crying right now for the loss of inocence my children had to be told as well. My heart breaks.
    I will remember your dad and family in my prayers.
    Baby Bee is growing fast she is so cute.
    My oldest turns 17 and my youngest turns 4 this month,CRYING!
    Thanksgiving and the fourth of July is my favorite holidays.I always have the holidays at my house all my kids help me cook except my second son who is a lot like his daddy and likes to set that out with a cheeseball and some punch smiles.We love to watch the Macys day parade and write what we are thanful for on our table cloth so fun can't
    wait. Melita

  3. Love that last picture! Adorable! Well all the pictures are adorable but I really like that last one!

  4. I am really missing you I hope all is well with you and your family.Melita


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