Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the Absence of Peer Pressure

I have so many things to share with you, including pictures of our camping trip and what's going on in our homeschool, etc.

But today my thoughts are on teenagers. You know, I have one of those. We like to refer to her as a "young lady" instead of a "teen" and I think she kind of likes that too. She knows that the word "teenager" was invented quite recently in history and that throughout most of time, people her age were called/treated as "young men and women."

But she's just on the edge of all that. She only turned 13 two months ago. She's still on the edge of childhood, really. Still content to play with her little sister (as they are doing right now), and yet able to take on a lot more responsibilities.

I worry sometimes about her maturity. I don't know why. I'll see a Facebook page of a girl around Sweetheart's age, and I'll flip through their pictures. They just seem so much more grown up than her.

But actually, I don't WANT my daughter to spend her time taking pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror with the caption, "wat y'all think?". I really don't.

So I'll think about how she still seems like such a little girl, and then I realize a few things:

1. This is what 13 looks like for her.
2. In 6 months, she'll be different.
3. I wonder what other 13 year olds would be like if they didn't have peer pressure causing them to act like they do.
4. I'd rather have a daughter who reads her Bible than posts pictures of herself on Facebook making stupid faces and spelling everything wrong.
5. Children today REALLY can't spell. I know a lot of it is on purpose, but not all of it!
6. Like, for example, the picture of food I saw today with the caption, "This is my favorite snake."
7. See what I mean?

Sorry, got off-topic there. The point is, Sweetheart is in transition mode. She's moving from childhood to young womanhood and it isn't an overnight change. Nor is it supposed to be.

Example? Last night we were walking out the door to go to church and she came around the corner carrying Bee and her American Girl doll. At the same time. That is just a perfect picture of where she is.

And like the morning that I needed to sleep in and Sweetheart came and got Bee from my room. When I got up, Sweetheart had Bee laying on her activity mat in the living room, while she made pancakes in the kitchen, while playing with Little Bit....all at the same time. She had everything in perfect control when I walked in.

This transition is interesting. And from what I see on Facebook and around me...I know we need to spend more time on Bible and less time worrying about what other "teens" are doing/wearing/talking about.

Oh, and definitely more time on spelling.


  1. The worst teenagers make the best adults. :)
    Looks like you are doing an awesome job!

  2. Your daughter is grown up enough. Don't worry.

  3. I have sometimes thought my oldest is not as mature as other boys his age. But then again, he has his own assets. He will sit down and read a book to a girl 4 years younger than him, and he loves to chat with adults. He definitely doesn't pay any attention to fashion. He wants to wear certain things just because they are comfortable. He seems pretty comfortable just being himself right now, and that is good.

  4. LOVE it!!!!

    We have 2 "young men" 16 and 13 1/2. We do like to refer to them as men. Actually, the 13 yr old refers to himself as a man! LOL!

    Our boys are homeschooled and aren't around the peer pressure either.

    ...there is hope!


  5. I have worried about the same thing but I try to remind myself there is a difference between experienced and mature.LucyT

  6. Oh, don't you love it?!?

    My 14 year old can hold her own playing in a pit orchestra for professional musical theater one day, and the next be in some crazy outfit (hair and all) playing light-sabers with her brothers just after an hour of playing with paper dolls.


  7. Y'all make me feel so normal!! Q--that is so good to hear!!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! I hate the term "tween" too and refuse to call my 10 year old that. He is still a child(even if he is almost as tall as me!) ;-)

  9. Love this post. Your daughter is just where she should be.

  10. i completely get this! our 12 yo (almost 13 yo) is much 'younger' than other 12 yo's we know. i'm completely okay with that, as well. homeschooling helps with this, for sure. love it.


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