Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dreaming and a Question

Can I go to work today, please?

Can I just drop the kids off with someone else, get in my car by myself and go sit in a quiet little office and work on the computer and file things and copy things? Please?

It really sounds nice today.

Instead, today I must handle a crazy (albeit cute) fit-pitching toddler, educate a 10 year old, and nag a 14 year old to death.

I am very grateful to be home with my kids! I know I am blessed. Just not looking forward to today. Is that OK?

Now I have a question. How do you instill character qualities into your children? I can make my kids do things, but how do I ensure they develop the character quality that will help them to do the things they need to do even when I'm not standing there making them?

I think it's initiative I need to instill. Plus self-control, attentiveness, diligence, responsibility, thoroughness, and dependability. Yeah, how do I instill those things?

Is learning about them enough? Does memorizing the definitions of  the character qualities produce them in your children? Certainly it would help them in recognizing good character vs. poor character. It's been a few years since we really studies character traits. Perhaps it's time again.

But will that do it? When does this transfer take place? When can I expect them to do what they know needs to be done without my direct involvement or a command?


  1. Hmm. Working on that over here too. Right now I'm reading the Maxwell book "Managers of their Chores," and their emphasis is that a lot of those character traits you mention are learned long-term through chore assignments - rather than, say, just reading about the character traits. They've got a lot of really great stuff to say - I recommend the book highly. That's definitely a challenge over here right now!!

  2. We have that book Diana....but what about when you have to remind them to do the chores all the time?? When can I expect them to take over on the responsibility and do things because they need to be done? Not b/c I'm making them do it?


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