Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Summer So Far

First a note about the blog:

I'm so sorry, blog world. I really miss you. I do. And I miss the readers I used to have which I'm sure have mostly gone away now. 

At one time I had a kind of little bit of a well read blog. Sort of. I was happy. I got comments. We interacted. I read ya'll's blogs. It was a fun little community. 

But I do not dare walk away because this is where I have documented our lives and especially our homeschool for the last what? 6 years? 

Speaking of which, it scares me to think that Blogger could just go away one day and bye-bye blog. I know you can get blog books made (cha ching!). I know you can self-host. (ack!) What should I do to ensure that I have these memories? Start printing? Suggestions?


We have been doing summer school three times a week. We are mainly doing math and language arts. Really we're just trying to get a jump start on the things that fell through the cracks last year. And keep going with math, which is never-ending. The girls have complained a little, but even they realize that an hour or 2 three times a week is not a big deal.

But we are oh so excited about next year! I've been planning and planning. I've had to make myself stop last week. I will resume getting ready for next year when we return from....

our first ever family vacation!!!

Yes folks, I am so excited! Wednesday is our 20th anniversary and so soon we are loading up the family and taking off on a road trip for a week. S has NEVER taken a whole week off of work to my knowledge. So I'm spending my time until then getting the house in order (I even tackled the inside of Little Bit and Bee's closet) and packing, etc. Then when we return, I will resume next year's school planning. 

Nothing but fun in my future! (I love planning.) 

We have had a little bit of fun this summer. I was kind of thinking how we hadn't done many fun things for the bigger girls but I looked back at our calendar and realized we had done some things. It would be better if we had other people to go do things with. Sister came over with her girls once and we all went to the splash pad. Those kind of things are much more fun with friends (or cousins). Our church had a swim party on the 4th of July. That was fun. Um.....

Well, we're going on vacation so there's always that!!

Gee whiz. Mama needs to get out more! It's raining this week so swimming is out. We're going to the library today but that really doesn't hold the promise it did when they were little. What do you do with big kids in the hot summer? Maybe other people stay at home a lot too. Maybe Facebook just makes it look like everyone else is out having fun except us. Maybe. 

OK. Some pictures to share:

My parents have been going to the mall to walk early every morning. We joined them one morning but there are WAY too many of these stupid things all around the mall. There was a lot of crying until we finally stopped. The mall is dead to me. 

Splash pad.

Mrs. Carrie had an American Girl party to watch the new Saige movie. 

Sweetheart got rid of her toys this summer.

The girls have helped a lot with Bee. It's getting harder. She's big!

We tried Kool-aid dye.


  1. Why is Sweethearts head in the bowl?My daughter wants a pink stipe in her hair is that what she is doing?

    I just made copies of my most cherished blog posts but you have so many I don't know what to tell you.I hope you never quit blogging because I check in all the time.

    We have never taken a full weeks vacation or any real vacation.We camp and go to an amusment park for 2 or 3 days or spend sometime in a hotel.My oldest will be 18 in November and it just makes me so sad to think of the missed opertunity.Money and my health has always been issues for us.Neither seems to be getting any better so we should just make it happen.

    My older kids do a lot of mission work but it is harder to say we have done fun things with them because the new is gone.I guess for them that is the key they like to do fresh new things they have never done before.

  2. Well, for your blog, you can go to the settings or format window and click on "export blog." This will save the entire blog to your computer. Then, if blogger goes away, you can always find another blog host, and then click "import blog" and put your old blog there. As you add more stuff to your blog, you may want to "export" it and safe it to your computer several times. It will be stored in your downloads.

  3. Oh, and by clicking on "export blog," your blog will not go away. It will remain just where it is, intact, but a copy of it will now be in your download folder. You can google this subject to get more information, or more accurate info. But I believe that will work.

  4. I don't understand what Kool-Aid dye is.
    Well Bren, your summer looks a lot like mine. I think we will start school back up in a couple of weeks cuz I am kind of getting tired of doing nothing! :)

  5. Oh I don't know why I don't have a picture but this is me, your friend Kathy. :)

  6. *Sigh*, it was a fun little community, huh?? :) Where is everyone (me included?!?) :) I STILL read you, still have you in my rss feed, and although I don't comment much, I will always love keeping up with you and seeing how much your girls have grown! Goodness, my son is now as old as Sweetheart was when you started homeschooling!! Time sure flies...

    I'm gonna have to see about what Ellie Rae said about saving the blog. I need to do that too with mine. Right now, it's just hanging in Blogger limbo.

    And, it looks like to me you are having a lot of fun!! Your fun looks a lot like our fun-- so I'll call it fun! :)

  7. I forgot I hope yout vacation is great!

  8. This blog post is old.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)