Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Year That Just Won't End

We are in the home stretch for wrapping up this school year but as it turns out...the home stretch is stretchy. Or really long. Weeks seems like months.

We are down to just the basics--reading, math, history. Those are our basics anyway. We need to wrap up science too. I'm claiming Lee Binz' advice that public schools call it good when they have completed 80% of the curriculum. I'm all for finishing 100% of most subjects, but in science I'm shooting for that 80% this year.

Can I play the "we had a newborn this year" card one more time please?

Thank you.
Sweetheart suffering through one of Bee's beauty treatments.

The calendar goal has been to be finished by June 14 all along. That's one week later than public schools around here so I was really hoping we could speed that up and get out the same week as them.

And we just may. Either way about it, I am super proud of the year we have had. I think we did an incredible job for a year with a newborn.

I am ready for this year to be done and the new year to start.

Little Bit struggling through the standardized test.
Well, after summer of course.

And there is summer school naturally. We're homeschoolers. Well, homeschoolers who aren't just doing preschool. If the kids were little still, we'd be having fun in the sun. But older kids just have too much to squeeze in during the year so some of it must be done in summer.

But it's a nice, relaxed schedule. Just a little bit of school each day is fine. There is still time for swimming, art, library, and just plain old playing and sitting around.

Mama is ready!

If your school year is already over, please feel free to refrain from telling me that in the comments. If however, you are still suffering...please give a girl some encouragement!

Just kidding. You can brag here too. I will be joining you in just a few more weeks.

Just so you know its not all smiles around here.


  1. Schooling until the end of June. Lord willing we will be 80% done with math. How does one get so behind on math?!? :-)

    Bee's so super cute. :-)

  2. Thank you for letting me know we are not alone!!!

  3. Still have SIX WEEKS of curriculum left!!!! WOWSERS!!! Yesterday & today doing Stanford Achievement Testing with the homeschool co-op. I doubt we will ever some point we will just stop. :(


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