Saturday, June 27, 2009

So, Is It Handwriting U See or Math Without Tears?

If you know these curriculum choices, it helps. If you don't, allow me to share.

Handwriting Without Tears uses "Mat Man" to teach the pieces that make all the capital letters. All the letters can be made with big lines, little lines, big curves, and little curves. And if you add the mat that you make the letters on, and a few accessories, you get this:

Mat Man! This picture is from the HWT website. Little Bit and I have been making Mat Man in the living room for a few weeks as a part of her Kindergarten curriculum.
And I've already shared that Sweetheart is using Math U See. Math U See uses these blocks to teach all sorts of math concepts.

This is a picture of the blocks from the Math U See website.

So last week after Sweetheart finished her math review, what did she make?

Why Math Man of course!

Oh come on. That's funny.


  1. yep, i agree! we use HWT, and are thinking about Math U See for bonobo. i can see them making lots of things with all the blocks and sticks :)

  2. My kids love math us see. It is fun to make picutes with the manipulatives.


  3. That is too cute! We make a lot of things with our MUS manipulatives too...the girls' favorite is cupcakes!

  4. Yesturday, our first day of Math-u-See!! YAY! We love it! As my son finished his first lesson he concluded with a fortress made from the blocks......I thought that was funny too!
    I said, Wow!, like legos!

  5. That is exactly why I love homeschooling!


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